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[1995-11-25-USWA-TV] Interview: Jeff Jarrett / Interview: Jerry Jarrett


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A brown-haired Jerry Jarrett responds to Bob Armstrong's allegations. This whole interview is an incredibly weird mixed metaphor of trees, acorns and highways. He reads from the third stanza of Rudyard Kipling poem he gave to Jeff as a boy, which has to be heard to be believed. The Jarretts are putting everything they own on the line against the Armstrongs. Jeff Jarrett does the best serious babyface promo of his life -- a legitimately really good one, believe it or not. This is the Jeff Jarrett we should have gotten on the national stage.

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With Bullet Bob having ownership of the USWA, Randy Hales is forced to "cut in" to the regularly scheduled programming. Jerry Jarrett and his massive gun collection recount the history of his partnership with Bob Armstrong, and...then sort of trails off. Then breaks out a Rudyard Kipling poem to justify why the hell anyone would agree to put their house and all worldly possessions on the line in a wrestling match. Jerry's rambling gives me time to do some searching and discover the Smoky Mountain Massacre was a guy from Dale Mann's indy outfit which promoted Kentucky.


Jeff is standing by with Randy Hales, with words for Brian Gerard James. Way more fire and passion from Jeff than his father. I demand a Jeff/Jerry/Eddie Marlin vs. Bob/Brad/Jesse James Armstrong 6-man tag. Good promo, though I really could have done without his morphing into his WWF Double J persona at the end. And Jerry sure didn't sound angry in his promo, despite what Jeff said.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-11-25-USWA-TV] Interview: Jeff Jarrett / Interview: Jerry Jarrett

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