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[1995-11-27-WWF-Raw] Brother Love: Bret Hart


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Brother Love returns, which was emblematic of the WWF attempting to recreate a previous era instead of embarking on a new one. His guest is Bret Hart and they mention the Davey Boy match at the next PPV. He asks Bret a series of questions and pulls the mic away every time he starts to talk. I always enjoy Bret Hart interviews because he's so convinced of what he's saying that he convinces me. Bob Backlund ends up attacking Bret from behind with the cross-face chicken wing to close things out, and I have no idea why. There is a cameraman standing right in the middle of the chaos that is in plain sight of the camera, which is a pretty amateur oversight and not something the WWF would ever do normally, so that was weird.

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When was the last time you saw a company like Chrysler buy time on WWF/E programming?


Dig the New WWF Generation! Bruce Prichard coincidentally had gained more booking power right before this.


While I'm reciting '95 Observer tidbits--this renewed Backlund mini-push was an apparent attempt by Vince (or somebody) to put the Clique in their place, or at least make a show of putting the Clique in their place. I think we all have heard the story through multiple channels about the Clique meeting with Vince and going over the roster one-by-one, and expressing their views on whether a guy should be pushed, kept where he was, released, etc. Backlund was one of the guys the Clique wanted depushed or gone.

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