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RIP Chief Jay Strongbow

Ricky Jackson

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Just read this. He was from a different era, but for some reason I like watching some of his 70s matches, especially for his comebacks. I know he isn't very highly regarded as a worker, but he was a pretty big star in 70s New York. Plus he wrestled a dude in a shark cage once. :) The feathers in the mouth angle with Ladd from Georgia is also good (based on the more famous, and lost, angle with Arion in 74).


RIP Chief


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So I was able to read part 1 of Dave's bio. He writes that the angle in WWF where Valentine broke Strongbow's leg in 79 came BEFORE and inspired the angle in Mid-Atlantic where Valentine broke McDaniel's leg (the famous "I Broke Wahoo's Leg" T-Shirt angle). I thought it was the other way around. Wasn't it?


Dave also writes that Strongbow was involved in Tatanka's introduction to WWF "in 1994". Besides being off by two years, I think he was confused with an angle involving Strongbow and McDaniel where they awarded Tatanka a ceremonial headdress which led to some heel (can't remember, was it Bigelow?) attacking them. Was Strongbow involved in Tatanka's introduction in 1992?

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Now that you mention it, there almost seems to be a reoccuring theme of racism associated with Valentine's late-70s/early-80s character. Besides Strongbow and McDaniel, he also feuded and did injury angles with Pedro Morales and Tito Santana. He had a mini-feud with Tony Atlas in 1982. He also turns up randomly during a promo segment with Slaughter and Kernodle during their famous feud with Steamboat and Youngblood and delivers a "slant eyes" comment about Steamboat.


Of course you could say there was a reoccuring theme of racism associated with ALL of wrestling back then, so maybe it really isn't that noteworthy.

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