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Charles (Loss)

1985 Recommendations

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January 1985




Video of Tully Blanchard looking for his perfect 10.


Ric Flair promo after getting attacked by Wahoo McDaniel.




Terry Funk, Black Bart and Ron Bass attack Dick Slater during his match on World Wide Wrestling


Baby Doll's debut. on World Wide Wrestling




Ivan and Nikita Koloff try to steal the Russian flag from Don Kernodle on World Wide Wrestling




Don Kernodle and Ricky Steamboat vs. Ivan and Nikita Koloff on World Wide Wrestling




Dory Funk Jr. vs. Denny Brown and the aftermath on World Wide Wrestling


TV Title Match: Tully Blanchard © vs. Buzz Tyler on World Wide Wrestling




I believe Jimmy Valiant makes his return on World Wide Wrestling




Jimmy Valiant and Buzz Tyler vs. the Barbarian and Great Kabuki on World Wide Wrestling


Arn Anderson's debut promo on World Wide Wrestling




U.S. Title Match: Wahoo McDaniel © vs. Magnum TA on World Wide Wrestling


Magnum TA post match segment on World Wide Wrestling




Magnum TA vs. Buddy Landell on World Wide Wrestling


Ole Anderson and Thunderbolt Patterson breakup recap on World Championship Wrestling


Arn Anderson vs. Manny Fernandez and the aftermatch on World Championship Wrestling


Black Bart breaks the ring ropes on World Championship Wrestling




Arn Anderson vs. Ron Rossi and the aftermatch on World Wide Wrestling


Russians promo on World Championship Wrestling (this is the second one where Nikita Koloff just goes off)




Dusty Rhodes being presented with the World Television Championship belt. I saw this on World Wide Wrestling but I think it was on the Mid-Atlantic show.


Paul Jones, the Barbarian and Superstar Billy Graham injury Jimmy Valiant with the ax handle on World Wide Wrestling


TV Title Match: Dusty Rhodes © vs. Krusher Khruschev on World Championship Wrestling

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