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Ever go to Vader's website?


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I was checking out his official page, and while it appears to be maintained by someone other than Vader himself, I was suprised at how it was laid out.


The stories of backstage fights, in ring shoots, bragging about his arrests, and his list of people he injured in the ring really makes him sound like a asshole bully douchebag who doesn't understand the point of a worked match is to *not* hurt people.


I used to think he was cool, but he really comes off like a dick.

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Guest Cam Chaos

Probably out of concern for his own ass possibly going to jail for crippling a guy.


On the other hand, he showed what a loving dad he is on Boy Meets World. :D

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I don't know, a lot of the stories that paint him to be a douchebag bully seem to be quoted from people who were there.


I mean, he likes to get rough with people in the ring but Paul Orndorff and Harley Race (who had to be in his 60s then) both seemed to have no problem handling him outside the ring.

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Vader definitely had a rep as an ass among some people. I think it was deserved in some cases and undeserved in others. Aside from the Orndorff incident, I don't know of him ever deliberately provoking anyone, aside from him punching Flair squarely in the mouth at Starrcade '93 and telling him to fight back. He's probably one of those guys who can "turn it on" for matches and sometimes forgets to turn it off when the matches are over. Those who actively like him usually point out that he's overly sensitive and is a harmless baby.

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Guest SweetMama Scaat

Vader also played Classical Piano and sold real estate. Im thinking the "on in the ring" thing is prolly the best assesment of his character.


My favorite vader story: Hes drunk driving in Japan or some place and stops on the side of the road to look for bullfrogs, A multitude of cops show up so Vader beats the hell out of them and several of their police dogs.


My least favorite Vader story: at NO WAY OUT Kane beat him over the head with a wrench and Vader was all crying and said "Im a big fat piece of shit"




EDIT: Here it is:




July 3, 2002


Wrestler resisted arrest


It took eight officers, two dogs and three sets of handcuffs to subdue Boulder's homegrown professional wrestler "Big Van Vader," who was suspected of drunken driving.


Leon Allen White, 47, was arrested Monday night on suspicion of spitting and threatening officers with rocks, resisting arrest, drinking and driving, careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.


Members of the Colorado State Patrol and Boulder County Sheriff's Office responded at 8:30 p.m. to Bari Court and Whaley Drive regarding a sport utility vehicle that crashed into a bush. The suspect, who suffered a cut on the head, left the scene and drove a block away to his home, witnesses reported.


When contacted by authorities, the 6-foot 4-inch 375-pound White told them he was looking for bullfrogs and catfish in a pond and crashed while driving home, according to an arrest report.


Officers reported White seemed severely intoxicated and had to hold himself up on the door jam. White became belligerent with officers when asked about his level of intoxication and said: "I will and can kick all of your asses! Let's fight ...," according to the arrest report.


Two of the deputies got their dogs out for protection. White stared the animals down and said he would kill them, the report said.


At one point, White picked up two rocks the size of baseballs and clenched them in his fists, Trooper Scott Hinshaw said. He also is alleged to have spit toward the trooper, but missed.


Eventually, officers were able to calm White down and he was handcuffed without incident.


White played football for the University of Colorado and in the NFL before becoming a professional wrestler. He has competed worldwide as Big Van Vader and held numerous individual and tag-team titles.


According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, he has two previous drinking and driving arrests in Boulder County.

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Guest Sass

Vader's a former pro athlete. He would have been a starter for the LA Rams or Raiders if he hadn't blown his knee out. He's really a nice guy but really insecure about himself. When he's in the ring, he can cut loose. Unlike a lot of wrestler's, Vader really isn't a wrestler. He's an athlete who likes competition.


I know guys like Vader. Bad body odor and all. They're all good guys though who will take a bullet for someone they care about. But, once the show starts and they're "on" in their zone...watch out. It's like being drunk but not really being drunk. They just get too caught up in the moment.


Vader's website is funny to me.

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