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Who figured Joey Styles a money mark?


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For Immediate Release

Contact: Cirillo World, John Cirillo, 212-972-5337, [email protected]





New York, July 25?Professional Wrestling?s Most Energetic and Electric Play-by-Play Man, Joey Styles, returns to the wrestling airwaves with Joey Styles? Extremely Hardcore debuting on Friday, September 9, at 11:30 PM/ET/8:30 PM/PT on Events In Demand Pay-Per-View. The program is priced is $9.95.


?All of the matches on JOEY STYLES? EXTREMELY HARDCORE will give extreme wrestling fans the chance to experience the unique and over the top environment that was the signature of this genre when it was invented in the early nineties,? says Styles. ?The talent that participates will both demonstrate the wrestling skills and the violence of extreme wrestling, and those wrestlers (NOT SPORTS ENTERTAINERS) will be announced shortly.?


The first live taping of Joey Styles? Extremely Hardcore will be on Saturday Night, August 20. Bell time 8 pm at Earthlink Live, formerly known as Center Stage in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, www.ticketmaster.com.


No longer content to be solely an announcer, Joey Styles now steps out from behind the announcer's table to produce his own vision of anti-sports entertainment pro wrestling that can only be described as EXTREMELY HARDCORE!


Joey Styles was the only play-by-play announcer for the now defunct, ECW (EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING) for its entire revolutionary existence from 1993 through 2001 on syndicated television, TNN (now Spike TV) and pay-per-view television. The name Joey Styles is synonymous with and as recognizable and marketable as ECW itself!


Styles made pay-per-view television history and professional wrestling history in 1997 when he became the only play-by-play announcer ever to host a live wrestling, boxing or mixed martial arts pay-per-view event alone, with no color commentator. He went on to host live pay-per-view events solo for many years.


Unlike all other ECW talents, Joey Styles chose to retire from the national professional wrestling scene when ECW filed for bankruptcy in 2001.


Last month, Joey Styles returned to live pay-per-view television to host ECW ONE NIGHT STAND for WWE which now owns the ECW trademarks and video library

Credit: 1Wrestling


The style is dated. Get over it. It's not going to succeed, and the time isn't right for an alternative to do well in wrestling at the moment anyway. If this is going to have a snowball's chance in Hell, they're going to have to have a plan in place to actually build new stars instead of running nostalgia shows with Shane Douglas and Terry Funk. And they're running shows at Center Stage? Somehow, that's hilarious.


Maybe the reason I'm so cynical is because I keep seeing this anti-sports entertainment movement on the indy scene. Yes, those words are annoying, but it's just another term for a pro wrestling company that runs storylines. ALL wrestling companies are sports entertainment.

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I guess some people will never accept that the ECW garbage style is dead on the indy scene right now. It's all about the juniors and actual wrestling now. No one wants to see a bunch of aging guys who a lot of indies won't even touch right now hitting themselves with various objects.

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Guest Famous Mortimer

This is quite a stupid idea. Has anyone shown him the figures that shit like CZW pull in? Aside from a few matches here and there, the best ECW was the stuff that wasn't "hardcore" anyway- like Guerrero, Benoit, Malenko, RVD, Jericho, and the rest. He seemed a bit smart to be throwing away his money like this.

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