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[2006-03-24-WWE-Smackdown] Rey Mysterio vs Fit Finlay


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Rey Mysterio vs Finlay - Smackdown 3/24/06


I love these two. Finlay is such a bully and he finally has someone to bully in Rey. Stiff clotheslines, stiff kicks, the way he drove him into the apron all nasty. Things starts off chippy and Finlay just grinds Mysterio down. Mysterio over enough that he doesn't need a shine. In 2006, you know what Rey is about so I like this. Finlay is master of torturing his opponent. I really liked Rey first comeback sequence. Good strikes, nice split-legged moonsault (I usually hate that move). I liked when Finlay got out of the way of the 619, Rey hit a nice baseball slide. Finlay catches Rey in the apron skirt and kicks the hell out of him. Nice use of that Finlay spot. Finlay beats the tar out of Rey in the second heat segment. Awesome, awesome. Rey makes a comeback with a wicked kick to the head. It kinda falls apart here a little bit. Rey's comeback is not that hot. Then once he does hit 619, Orton hits an RKO when Rey is sprinboarding, Ref was busy with Finlay. Fun to see Finlay kick some ass and Rey sell his ass off. Worthwhile TV match. ***1/2

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