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[2006-05-13-ROH-Ring of Homicide] Necro Butcher vs Homicide


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Samoa Joe vs. Necro Butcher

Necro comes out first and knocks out ring announcer Bobby Cruise. When Joe comes out and they're face-to-face, Necro then knocks out the ROH ref, then Joe reciprocates by taking out the CZW ref. They have some nice back and forth stuff that has the crowd red-hot, but I must note that Joe took ZERO bumps in this encounter. Not on the mat, apron, floor, or a guardrail. NONE. The only damage he took were possibly stiff strikes and a chair shot that may have hit him in the head (hard to tell if his hands got up in time) when the Kings of Wrestling interfered.
This interference brought out Pearce & BJ Whitmer to help out, but Joe had to be walked to the back after taking that chairshot to the head. Although Pearce & Whitmer were outnumbered, they had a fantastic brawl that I must mention got way, way, way too out of hand with the bumps taken. That said, I can compartmentalize and I couldn't believe Necro took a double-team powerbomb onto two chairs in the ring, landing in a fashion that I hope I never see again in the professional wrestling business.
Guys were taking bumps all over ringside onto chairs too, and I'm amazed that Claudio Castagnoli came out of this feud healthy enough to get to where he's at as Cesaro today. Hero teased a hardcore move to Whitmer in the ring, only to go to using a Cravate and elbows to knock down the former Prophecy member. I like that a lot actually.
With Pearce by himself outnumbered 3-to-1, he stood no chance, being the victim of a KOW Hero's Welcome and then laid across a table on the outside. Hero & Necro held him down as Castagnoli teased powerbombing Whitmer on Pearce, only for the lights to go out with the "Ironside" intro playing on the speakers, followed by Beanie Sigel's "The Truth."
To say this got a pop is like saying San Antonio was excited when the Spurs made easy work of the Heat in this past summer's NBA Finals.
The CZW crew assumes Homicide would be interested in helping him, leaving Whitmer there for the attack. But Homicide instead attacks KOW to a MASSIVE pop, and Pearce comes in to help take them out. Homicide and Necro are left in the ring in a staredown, with Todd Sinclair getting in the ring and ordering for the bell to be rung. Good God the pop this got was fucking unreal.
Impromptu Hardcore Main Event
Homicide vs. Necro Butcher
This was just fucking brutal and the crowd was molten white-hot for its entirety. Again, this got way too violent in retrospect and I don't need to see guys go to these lengths to get over anymore.
What this match had was genuine emotion from the crowd that very few segments in the history of the business can reach. It was a back-and-forth war for just 10 minutes, with both men tossing each other towards guardrails, dropping each other on the floor, and more drops onto chairs at ringside.
Just six weeks removed from the violent end to his feud with Colt Cabana, Homicide throws some chairs in the ring, then tosses a crimson Necro in there too. He then requests the crowd to throw chairs in there and they gleefully oblige. An absolutely ABSURD quantity of chairs are thrown in there, burying Necro in a steel grave and I hope he gave approval for this. Security is ignored when ordering the crowd to stop, so Homicide gets on the mic and says that it's enough, Necro's got the idea now and there are too many chairs in the ring.
Necro gets piledriven onto the steel chair surface... nearfall and white-hot reaction. He finds it in himself to give Homicide a seated powerbomb as a receipt... nearfall and white-hot reaction. Homicide gives Necro an overhead toss from the corner onto the chairs... another nearfall, another white-hot reaction, this time completed with "THIS IS AWESOME~!" chants. Homicide then takes a swinging neckbreaker on the chairs and rolls out to the apron that's right next to the chairs that were scooted out at ringside.
Necro attempts a piledriver, but instead takes a vertical suplex from the apron, onto the floor, with the floor caked with numerous steel chairs, Homicide's head barely misses the corner of the table, and Necro's left leg hits a guardrail. That is then followed up with Homicide hitting a body splash from the turnbuckle onto Necro through the table. "THIS IS AWESOME~!"
That is only good enough for another white-hot nearfall and Homicide is in disbelief. The crowd chants "KNOCK HIM OUT!!" Necro attempts a comeback with punches to the torso, only to get kicked squarely in the genitals and finished off for the three-count by a furious lariat from the Notorious 187.
"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner for Ring of Honor, 'The Notorious 187' Homicide!" Homicide shakes his head no, saying he did this for himself as the crowd is chanting for both him and the company.
Homicide grabs a mic. "Necro Butcher,,, anytime, homes. Welcome to Ring of Homicide, biatch!!!" FUCKING WHITE-HOT REACTION WITH THE CROWD IN UNISON, CHANTING FOR HOMICIDE as the event goes off the air.
I gotta say it again: too fucking violent and it's obvious why most of these guys didn't become top-notch stars in the business. But this sequence of events, the Joe portion, the ROH vs. CZW brawling, capped off with Homicide finally intervening to the demands of his colleagues and fans, was absolutely jaw-dropping, epic, truly engrossing, and a rare moment that hit such an emotionally strong level that it reminds me why I am still a wrestling fan.
This entire sequence was an absolute masterpiece and storytelling work of art, finally putting momentum back in ROH's favor after weeks of getting their asses kicked by CZW. It also was logically built to, as it made total sense for the Homicide character, now emotionally released from the violent feud against Cabana, to see what these CZW guys were doing and wanna test their toughness, while also feeling a sense of pride that they were trespassing on his territory.
The rating I give this will reflect on Homicide vs. Necro Butcher, but it is for the ENTIRE SEQUENCE OF MAGICAL EVENTS that closed out this show. (The portion shown on Homicide's The Notorious 187 compilation only starts with Homicide in the ring.) The rating should tell you how badly you must get this show to witness this.
Rating: *****
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