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2007-03-14-BJW] Takashi Sasaki vs Yuki Miyamoto (Scaffold Death)


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BJPW Deathmatch Champion Takashi Sasaki vs Yuki Miyamoto - BJPW 03/14/07


No one can declare any other match the worst match ever until they have set through this horrible torture porn wrestling match. I did not think any match could ever top Tito Santana vs Don Muraco from MSG 01/84 in terms of being just absolute piece of shit, but wow did this manage to encompass all things that suck in one 25 minute clusterfuck. I try not to be dismissive of a genre that I really don't know much about, but this was just rotten. As much as Kobayashi/Sasaki just made me feel nasty at least that was "intriguing" (for lack of a better term) because it felt like a hardcore match ratcheted up to 11 and really like something I had never seen before. This was just a horrible NOAH match with Light Tubes and a Scaffold. There was the perfunctory wrestling that is ironic because it is a deathmatch except they are just going through the paces. The first light tube shot almost cost Sasaki's his sight and he is just gushing. Then we get multiple fighting spirit sequences and no-sell suplexes.There are not even any spots. It is just plain boring. I didn't think a match where a mat covered in glass could be this boring, but I was wrong. The scaffold did lend itself to best spots mostly for the "Wow, did somebody die in this match" factor. The double stomp off the scaffold was ridiculous. How Sasaki did not internally bleed and Miyamoto did not destroy his knee I do not know. We of course get a kick out from Emerald Flowsion through lightubes. Miyamoto hits a moonsault from the scaffold, kick out. They fight at the top of the scaffold. Sasaki Emerald Flowsion from top of the Scaffold through a TABLE! Kick out?!?!?! Fuck this match. Sasaki wins with a kick to light tubes to the head. Absolutely boring when the scaffold was not involved. It felt like bad NOAH roleplay. Total amateur hour. The scaffold did generate high drama, but it was not even the climax. What a truly wretched match!

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