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[2007-04-29-WWE-Backlash] John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton


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This is a near perfectly laid out match. So many multi-man matches turn into clusterfucks as the format leans towards being more spot-heavy with all the extra components having to be in-sync with each other. This is about as close as I've ever seen four guys overcome those limitations, would only point out Shawn's moonsault and Cena's double diving leg-drop as the places where the timing was a little off (took a bit too long to set up). The action is relentless and has an incredibly hot finishing streak. It really helps that all these guys have flash finishers, so the RKOs, spears, FUs and superkicks can fly everywhere at the end without a moment's delay to set it up.


They also overcome the usual limitation of four-ways by giving each guy a distinct character motivation that plays into the match. Orton's the youngest guy trying to prove himself and form alliances (as set up in the promo segments earlier in the show), but isn't that good at it. Edge is former tag partner in Rated RKO, and he's a piece of shit opportunist you can't trust for 1 second. See how he saves Randy from being piledrived on the table by Shawn so they can take him out, Orton gives Edge the thumbs up, only for Edge to take him out with the chair too. Ha.


Cena's the reigning Ace and Shawn's the veteran desperately wanting one last title victory and is sure he can do it having beat Cena on Raw the past Monday. He's so focused on just beating Cena that he doesn't pay attention to the other guys in the match, leading to Shawn inadvertently handing Cena the win in that fantastic finish! Classic. Best Fatal Four Way match ever.



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