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[2007-07-27-CMLL] Mistico vs Dr Wagner Jr


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Man, those mid-2000s Arena Mexico crowds give me chills; I remember watching this whole period live, it was something to behold. Primera starts off with some brawling and Wagner mannerisms (back when they added to the match and weren’t such a bad habit). Cool Mistico bump from a hip toss from the ring to the ramp, followed by a spear trough the ropes. Crowd is rabidly behind Wagner who gets the first fall after a pinning powerbomb after a couple of minutes.

Wagner teasing some female fans at ringside by taking their Mistico mask away makes me miss Arena Mexico without barricades.

Segunda starts with a Mistico dive off the stage that caught the Dr. off guard since Mistico went to the back for a new mask after having the first one completely ripped. Great visual of Mistico with a bloody spot on the forehead of his new all withe mask that doesn’t take long to get ripped. Mistico sells like he’s dead but refuses to go down and eventually takes the second fall after moving out of the way of an attack, hitting a 619 to audible boos and a Manami Roll for the pin. 

Tercera stars off with some revenge mask ripping and a super loud corner posing contest. I love Mistico, he’s the Bruce Springsteen of lucha; trough physical charisma, the crowd always bites that he’s on his last legs and doesn’t stand a chance. After taking a cool springboard plancha Wagner turns the tide inside the ring with a dragon screw and a tapatía. A splash from Wagner for a nearfall, but gets caught with a superplex after going to the top again. Really well built tope suicida from Mistico and the crowd’s going nuts. A powerbomb from Wagner for a hot nearfall. After taking  some big moves and surviving the crowd is solidly behind Mistico, who hits a dive to the outside but proceeds to miss an Asai Moonsault and gets powerbombe outside the ring. While the referee and ringside doctor are checking on him, Último Guerrero interferes and hits a distracted Wagner with the Guerrero Special. Mistico pins him after hitting a splash off the top rope. 

 Crowd solidly behind Wagner while UG cuts a heel promo on him, blaming him for their recent Tag Title lost and telling him it’s an eye for an eye after last weeks interference on his part. Pull apart brawl to finish the segment.

I’m not crazy on interference finishes in matches billed as big but this definitely made sense; this match just flew by, I might need to revisit the whole rise of Mistico years. ****1/4

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