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[2008-02-17-WWE-No Way Out] Randy Orton vs John Cena

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Liked Cena opening with cradle pins and you almost wish he'd throw body shots more often as they looked great here. Seeing him fill a match with his comeback sequence + a few other moves and selling feels kinda jarring with how he's worked the last few years. Hell people ate up his bulldog here, plus reacted to the nearfall to it, and that was early in the match. I've always felt that whenever Orton tried to seem evil or devious it'd be too hokey but he's pretty dickish here and I liked him teasing an attack on Cena's surgically repaired pec. Plus I liked his "fuck this" DQ slap after trying to feign injury. Pretty good, not as great as their Summerslam match but this felt like a feud continuation so that's fine.


I have to also say that although I said in the Cena/Hart thread that I thought WWE tried to force this feud's importance or whatever it's undeniable that this felt big. And it felt big back at the Summerslam 2007 show. It's interesting to hear Cena get uniform "CENA! CENA!" chants at times plus dueling chants that feel more organic and less "it's tradition" about how they come about.

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