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[2009-10-04-WWE-Hell In A Cell] Chris Jericho & Big Show vs Rey Mysterio & Batista


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Unified World Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & The Big Show vs Rey Mysterio & Batista - Hell in A Cell 2009


It is amazing three quarters of this match in 2009 got their major US start in WCW. I was a WCW fan through and through in the 90s and honestly seeing Benoit, Eddy, Jericho in the WWF made it easier to switch. Even after all these years, I don't like to consider the WWE my home promotion. It is the truth that it clearly is. I literally watched zero wrestling outside of WWE in 2017 and I went to six WWE events this year in the New England. There is just something about WWE. I like WWE, but I will always love WCW. There was something special for me watching this yesterday on Christmas morning and see Jericho, The Giant and Rey Misterio Jr all in the same ring together. Just a lot of childhood nostalgia.


Trying to divorce the childhood nostalgia and be objective, I still thought this was a great match and maybe the best tag team match in WWE between lets say 2008-2011. The booking of Jericho after finishing up with Rey was genius by putting him down into the tag team division first with Edge and then with Big Show because it didn't make him feel less than but made the tag division feel more important. The 2008-2010 run is definitely Jericho's best in terms of booking, main event credibility and work. I will always be partial to his WCW Conspiracy Victim character for sheer entertainment value.


Very solid babyface shine with Rey flying around and Jericho eating his offense. Rey/Batista show good continuity and Batista manhandles Jericho. I would liked a little more energy but still good. Great climax to the shine with Rey leaping off of Batista's shoulders onto Jericho for a nearfall. Jericho freaks out and tags in Big Show. Big Show vs Rey Rey is always fun. He smacks him off the top rope. Then palms his head and plucks him from the floor back into the ring. Always impressive! Big Show gets his big spots in and then tags out for Jericho. Now Jericho can exact revenge. Great strategy here. Jericho is nasty on offense here with the fishhook and going after the match. Love that series they had earlier in the year. Batista tags in and cleans house. He definitely could make a comeback now and be the hot tag of a tag team no problem. Batista loses control when he gets hit with the Codebreaker for two and then kicks out of a chokeslam for two. Drama is building. Lionsault misses and then hot tag to Rey Rey. Amazing finish stretch. Rey Rey proves he can get offense in on Big Show even a nearfall off a tornado DDT. Then Rey kicks some Jericho ass. 619 to Big Show even though Big Show was intended target. Jericho ends up in the Big Show's arms and Batista spears him. AWESOME SEQUENCE! Rey looks to dive onto Big Show but he swats him out of the air with his "carcinogenic" right hand. Does Rey need chemo? Surgery?


Four professionals just going out there and having a kickass tag team match with all the fixins. The finish stretch was ultra-hot. ****

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