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[2009-11-15-TNA-Turning Point] Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels


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TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe - Turning Point 2009

I just rewatched this in February 2019. I dont feel that I need to change much of my 2013 review. Except, I do like the Unbreakable match more now having watched them back to back. Oddly for the reasons I say the review. I am always someone who enjoys strikes and submissions. This match is definitely more of a lo-fi version of the Unbreakable match. I think now that is not necessarily the best style for a triple threat match. I think the balls to the wall style of the Unbreakable match is more exciting now than this match where there is not a strong narrative to make the more lo-fi style stick with you. I do think this match is all about AJ Styles as the Man. He is given the most time to shine and he is the one overcoming the obstacles. I still marked out in all the same spots: Phenomenal Forearm->Discus Lariat and the Rolling Cradle. I did like Daniels' suckerpunch at the beginning and I think he heeled it up more here, which I liked. I agree with myself that these style of matches are not great exhibitions of selling, but AJ's register in this match is well...phenomenal! At the end, Taz talks about a star rating and gives it 15 stars. Try **** brutha. 

Where to begin with this one? It was pretty incredible. I know I would have it ahead of the Unbreakable match, but I think I still like the AAO triple threat for its psychology. This one does not quite have the interesting psychological hook of AAO, but this one is a lot more violent and has a lot more heat on it than the others. Joe and Daniels are totally dicks in this. This match is built to make AJ look like a million bucks and after the malaise of Angle & Sting, I remember why I started this thread because AJ is fuckin killer. This match really feels like TNA giving AJ the keys to the kingdom as it was designed to make him look like the best wrestler in the world. Whether, it was the heated strike exchanges, submissions, spectacular aerial moves or selling, AJ ruled this match. Even little things like his kick to the back of Daniels leg after it had been in a Joe kneebar or his sweet right to Joe's head on the outside showed AJ's psychology. I will say matches like aren't the whole the greatest exhibitions of selling, but there was much better progression in this spotfest than you would see in most. They were not just running from spot to spot, but using strikes as glue and the AJ/Daniels angle as a hook to keep things heated. I do not remember that many well-done strike or submission exchanges in the first series of matches. Here, they worked harder to bring more variety to the match. AJ worked a side headlock in the beginning and an inverted Indian Deathlock with a reverse chinlock bridge. Each time, they worked a smart out. One of my favorite moments was Joe doing a rolling cradle and after AJ kicked out he quashed Joe's momentum with a well-timed spin kick. I don't know if Kobashi/Kawada ever worked that sequence, but it reminded me of them. I actually pumped my fist when AJ did his Springboard Forearm to Joe and then immediately hit a discus clothesline on Daniels. It was a thing of beauty. Daniels starts the Triple Threat off on the right note by sucker punching AJ due to him being miffed that AJ had the audacity to accuse him, King of Decency, that he may be attacking him from behind even though Daniels is openly jealous of AJ's title reign. Throughout the match, Daniels wrestles a much more ruthless style than I ma accustomed to him doing. He was less interested in goofy spots and more interested in punishing AJ. Even though the finisher reversal sequence he worked with AJ was a contrived, it was so quick and fluid you had to be impressed. Samoa Joe, who played the role of shit-stirrer in the angle, looked absolutely great in this match. I did not like his over bumping tendencies in the other matches. In this match, he looks like a badass and one that is vulnerable to the quickness of his opponents' strikes and dives. That is Joe putting over the proper characteristics of his opponents. His offense was top notch and all the stuff you'd expect: facewashes, powerbombing AJ onto Daniels into Crab->STF->Crossface and Musclebuster. You feel that AJ has to overcome the raw power of Joe and the ruthlessness of Daniels, which leads to the finish. Daniels/AJ actually team to take out Joe with Total Elimination (their tag finisher from 2006). Daniels offers the hand to only attempt a sucker punch, but AJ counters. They fight on the top Joe knocks AJ down only for Daniels to take out Joe with STO and BME, but AJ hits both with a Springboard 450 and picks up the win on Joe. I have to say up until the finish; they were working a smart match as AJ was faced with two very different competitors, but was finding different ways to thrive against them both. I like him and Daniels teaming to take out Joe and then the renewal of hostilities. I did not like that Daniels took out Joe on his own and AJ stole the victory. I know that sets up the singles rematch, but there had to be a better way to get there.

[I need to rewatch this apparently]

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