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[2009-02-24-WWE-ECW] Christian vs Jack Swagger


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Christian delivers an incredible selling performance and Swagger looks like an absolute beast here, conjuring up memories of ‘94 Dr. Death. I loved how much mileage Christian was getting out of pacing his comeback and teasing a truly sustained run of offense. He did a similar thing in his Del Rio match from Summerslam ‘13 that I watched and it was great there too. Finishing stretch ruled and Christian not being able to put together the killswitch and ending up victim to the gutwrench came together very well.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2009-02-24-WWE-ECW] Christian vs Jack Swagger
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ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs Christian - WWECW 2/24/09

I was not watching much ECW at this time, but I think I actually watched this match live specifically because I knew Christian was back. If it was not this match, it was another Swagger match from early 2009. My point is I really thought Swagger was a cant miss prospect at that time. I am a total sucker for those Watts-type, amatuer hosses. Swagger looked like the second coming of Doctor Death here. I would continue to have a soft spot for Swagger until the end of his run. This match totally lives up to the hype. 

The ultimate game of cat & mouse. On paper this is a no contest. Swagger should murder Christian. All American wrestler that can takedown and suplex Christian at will. Christian has a great right, but his stand up game is not that strong and his submission game non-existent. He can fly but he ain't Rey Mysterio. The beginning of the match we see just that Swagger take Christian down at will. He gets in a punch here and there, but his actual game plan is to move & stick. He is gonna evade Swagger and then strike. My making Swagger miss he keeps Swagger off balance. The problem of this strategy is made apparent readily is Swagger catches Christian its lights out. Christian avoids Swagger in the corner only to eat an Axe Bomber. He tries to evade by jumping over the top rope on the apron, but Swagger bulldozes him with a shouldertackle this would injure Christian's left arm. This would be a touchstone for the rest of the match and hats off to Christian for a tremendous long term selling performance that plays into the finish. Christian gets desperate here due to the injury. He avoids Swagger who ends up by the steel steps. Christian rushes headlong and now it is Swagger that moves and Christian eats the steel. We see how dangerous this "cat & mouse" strategy is and how it is backfiring for our hero. Swagger controls with a nice top wristlock and an armstretcher. Christian tries to make a one arm comeback but Swagger quashes that with a VICIOUS Shoulderbreaker->Oklahoma Stampeded->Shoulderbreaker! WOW! Can you say Hello Doc? Great offensive stretch from Swagger. Christian gets on the comeback trail with a second rope dropkick. He definitely needs more of that where he can create separation from a pure wrestler like Swagger. Thats how Christian's comeback materializes by evading suplexes he can create separation and hit his reverse DDT and a nice top rope headbutt (he misses his first attempt). Swagger does get his suplexes in such as the Belly-to-belly and Northern Lights but Christian still has the wherewithal to kick out. What I love about this finish stretch is that is  a great mix of missed/block moves and secondary moves that hit. It feels hotly contested while also building to a crescendo. Then on top of that you have Christian selling throughout this stretch fabulously. The finish is the cherry on top. Christian has started really stringing together moves when Swagger throws him  bad shoulder first into the post. He wants the Doctor Bomb, but Christian counters looking for the Killswitch but his arm fails him, it is just too injured. DOCTOR BOMB! 1-2-3! The look on Christian's face and the way he was contorting his hand made you believe that despite all his internal desire his body just could not deliver the finishing blow and Swagger took advantage with his finisher. Tremendous cat & mouse story paired with awesome big man Swagger offense, great Christian selling and a great finish run. Cant praise this enough, this what high-end TV wrestling looks like! ****1/4

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