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[2009-04-20-WWE-Raw] John Cena vs Chris Jericho


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World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs Chris Jericho - RAW 4/20/09


These two just don't have chemistry. Their matches are just so normal. There is no spark when they get in ring together. I was hopeful at the outset because Jericho bumrushes Cena and it felt like it could be a hot sprint but then it just settled down. Jericho can be good on top but with Cena there just isn't much. Cena does his comeback sequence early but FU is reversed by a DDT. Best spot of the match is Jericho gets causght in Firemans Carry when he goes for vintage springboard dropkick but pushes Cena into steps. Basically it takes Cena five tries to hit the FU and that's after he gets hit with a Codebreaker. Jericho missed Lionsault and needed two attempts on Walls of Jericho. He got the Walls after Cena missed the legdrop which was his response to the FU not getting the pin. There was some electricity with the Walls and then STFU. After that they go for a superplex and Edge interferes and gives Cena a one man conchairto before their matc at Backlash. Good match nothing more nothing less. ***

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