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[2009-07-10-WWE-Smackdown] Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho - Smackdown 7/10/09


I was going to make the case this was the perfect use of a TV match to blowoff a great three PPV match series by being a Greatest Hits Match. The nice shine early, the use of the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, signature Mysterio bumps and the Jericho spinning Argentine Backbreaker (JR namedrops Atlantis!) all showcase what has made this series great. That is a commitment of Jericho to play a heavyweight heel against Mysterio and Mysterio's ability to bump 'n' run. It felt old school like back in the old days when Hogan would have a house show loop against a heel and then once they got all the money out of the program they throw it on SNME and do a greatest hits match. I thought this was a great idea for Jericho vs Mysterio, which is probably the feud of 2009. Then Jericho holds the ropes open for Mysterio on 619 attempt and Mysterio takes a crazy bump to the floor. Then they go out and just have a crazy gangbusters finish run that is totally novel. This ended up being their second best together and something that should be more heralded. I loved the pop-up powerbomb from Jericho and then the spinning Musclebuster was sick. Mysterio had great selling of the ribs. I liked Mysterio peppering in more kicks than in previous matches. Mysterio busted out new aerial offense for this match. The splash into the Codebreaker is a great spot. You know what Jericho is really damn good and doesn't get enough credit for is showing frustration over not getting a three count. So many people look fake as fuck doing that spot, but Jericho is perfect at looking like a whiner and frustrated. He is the king of the temper tantrum and loved his punts to Mysterio. Really good way to take out his frustration. I thought Mysterio's rana and then dropkick combo was a good way to set up into 619. Great TV match. Liked I said all the trimmings of a great Jericho vs Mysterio match but throwing in some really cool novels spots in this match make it fresh and a match worth watching. ****

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