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[2009-08-14-WWE-Smackdown] CM Punk vs John Morrison

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CM Punk vs John Morrison - Smackdown 8/14/09


This was built around the fact that Morrison has a two match win streak over CM Punk going into this match. I loved the first match, didn't know about the second. This match takes place two weeks before the Punk/Hardy Summerslam ladder match. Didn't think this was quite as good as their first match but still very enjoyable.


Loved the chaining at the beginning and how they ended up in a knucklelock. Punk stomping the hands and the kick to the midsection was great. I totally marked out for Morrison dropdown trip on Punk. GREAT USE OF THE DROPDOWN! Morrison follows up with a springboard moonsault for two and a Tidal Wave for two. Great shine! Loved it! Punk kicks out Morrison's leg on the apron, nasty back bump. Punk hits a kneedrop from the top rope to Morrison prone on the apron that's how you transition into a heat segment. Great work after the break here. Liked Morrison reverse cross body hope spot. I dig Punk's figure-4 on the head reigning down elbows as a good control hold. Morrison again showed good strikes, kicks, elbows and even a hard hitting clothesline. If he was not atrocious promo he may have actually had a chance. Well, he needed the company behind him too. Standing Shooting Star Press and then top rope crossbody. I liked the combo of new school and old school. Shining Wizard nope Punk just kicks the leg. NICE! Love Punk's strike combo, those slaps are great. Punk goes for Go 2 Sleep and when Morrison struggles, Punk drives his head into the turnbuckle and lets him down to hit run up knee and bulldog. I like that. You know your opponent has some energy left take the time to do it right and wear him down more. Morrison needed a blood feud with a monster to really get him over because he is such a pretty boy. The crowd is chanting for Morrison. I think this is his peak. Shitty Tornado DDT, sad. Starship Pain?!? Nope. Oklahoma Roll by Morrison and JR marks out. Punk is like it was two and Morrison obliterates him with a knee to side of head. This was my biggest problem with the match. After that, Punk should have been KO'd, but as Morrison goes up for Starship Pain, Punk crotches him and then picks him up from the Tree of Woe into Go 2 Sleep to win. I just feel that Knee was a KO blow and that Punk being able to recover so quickly was to the detriment of the match. Overall, again another hotly contested match with lots of action. These two rock together! ***1/2

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