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[2009-08-28-WWE-Smackdown] CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (Loser Leaves Town Cage)


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World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy - Smackdown 8/28/09 Steel Cage Loser Leaves Town Match

I am kinda surprised that this match does not get more play. It is a very high profile Free TV main event with high stakes. I liked doing the title change on PPV and following it up with a Loser Leaves Town Cage Match on Smackdown as it makes Smackdown must-see. They did a great job selling the attrition from the PPV. I am such a  mark for pre-match beatdown to get that extra little bit of heat on the heel and sympathy for the babyface. A bandaged Punk hobbling down the ramp blasting Jeff from behind and throwing him into the cage was great. Once they get into the ring, Punk wants the bell rung quickly so he can immediately escape was great heeling. Jeff cut Punk off three and each time Punk cut off Jeff focusing on his back. I loved Hardy's offense in this match as he just hurling his body at Punk and going for broke. Whether it was a missed cross body or a the cross body that landed from the top or the Whisper in the Wind or the mid-match Swanton Bomb. It was all about throwing caution to the wind and just using his body as a weapon. Punk did great on his desperation saves to make it look like he had a chance of losing. Overall, I thought Punk did a much better job with character work in this match. The facial expressions of being so close were really good. He was heeling harder. He was almost out the door and saying he already won because his head was out was good. Punk was going for G2S, which he did not hit at Summerslam or here, which I liked. The first time was countered into a backslide with good heat on the nearfall. The Welcome to Chicago Backbreaker by Punk was a good nearfall. Punk attempted the G2S again, but was met with a Twist of Fate which put Jeff back in the driver's seat and Jeff went for the escape. This time we get the MASSIVE Superplex! Great climatic spot. It is a bit weird for the heel to hit it as that seems like it primed for the babyface to bring the heel back into the ring. Also as a cool spot it is just going to get a pop. You dont want fans to choose between: 1. Oh no my favorite did not win  and 2. Oh shit that was so cool because it causes a 50/50 reaction. I do love that the superplex led directly to the finish because the superplex should be treated with respect. Punk very injured struggles to escape. Hardy meets him and looks to pull him back in just as Punk did, but Punk THUMBS Hardy in the eye! Hey! I was just saying that should happened at Summerslam! Well it was perfect here as the dick thing to do. Bounces Hardy's head off the cage and then Hardy takes a nasty spill off the ropes to the ring and Punk drops to win. 

Punk's heeling was much better here. He attacked pretty much, he sold like a chump heel should and then he cheated to win. Hardy did a great job portraying that cool daredevil throwing his body at Punk. The Superplex was a great climax spot. Hardy gave a very nice, professional promo about leaving and thanking the fans and saying this was not goodbye forever. People were crying. Punk attacks him again right as the shows goes off. Get that extra little bit of heat! Love it! Solid Free TV Main Event with high stakes. We need more Title Matches on TV and more matches with high stakes. ***3/4    

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