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Charles (Loss)

[2011-04-02-ROH-Honor Takes Center Stage] Mark & Jay Briscoe vs All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King)

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What a hidden gem from the ROH archives this is. Recently released for free on this YouTube page, I rewatched it for the first time since I first saw it back when it first happened and this is MUCH better than I rememebered.


They forget all the flippy frills of indy tag wrestling and just went with a classic Southern tag. The Briscoes, Jay in particular, are amazing at playing the brutish heels. Their heat segment on the bloodied Rhett was entirely convincing and served to get some actual heat from the crowd. Rhett meanwhile played a pretty much perfect face in peril. His bladejob looked great, his selling was on point, and these matches may be the best that The All Night Express have ever looked in their careers. King makes for an energetic hot tag and the finishing stretch really is some great stuff. Fast paced back and forth mixed in with some fantastic moments. The table spot was well timed, the flapjack into the ringpost was amazing, and Jay getting a late match bladejob and going toe to toe with Rhett was some of the best either guy has looked in ROH ever. They didn't push it with too many nearfalls either. A single finish from The Briscoes and it was done. This was absolutely fantastic.



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