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[2011-11-13-Chikara-High Noon] Eddie Kingston vs Mike Quackenbush

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Probably the best CHIKARA match that I've ever seen. Eddie Kingston was white hot as a babyface going into this match. People loved him for his feud with Claudio, they bought into his fighting the BDK, and the promo that CHIKARA put out on YouTube to hype this match is probably the peak of Kingston's mic work. This match is only helped by the fact that Quack commits to playing the heel against Kingston. He takes shortcuts that no one really expected from him but work well to further the story of Kingston's ascension.


Eddie's selling of the knee is wonderful, he really gets it over as a big deal throughout the match. Quack heeling it up makes it even more satisfying when Kingston's able to get some revenge by Backfisting Quack's knees while he's on the top rope. The big match feel comes through when the locker room starts to empty with CHIKARA stars past and present and Kingston's able to string together some suitably brutal offense to finish off Quack.


An all-time great CHIKARA match, will be incredibly difficult to surpass.



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