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From WO:


Smackdown tonight was about on par with RAW. Despite the Harbor Yard

in Bridgeport being a smaller arena then Mohegan Sun, this show was

not a sellout, as there were noticalbe sections of empty seats. The

crowd that was there though was really hot throughout.


Dark Match: CM Punk and Bobby Lashley defeated Garrison Cade and Trevor Rhodes


Velocity: Nunzio w/ Big Vito defeated Paul London to win the

Cruiserweight belt. Match ended when the ref was distracted allowing

Nuinzio to use a weapon. Nunzio got a good pop, but the crowd was

pretty indifferent to Paul London.


Frankie Kazarian defeated Danny Doring


Simon Dean won a squash against an Unknown


Paul London came out and cut a promo encouraging the fans to protest

the injustice of him losing the title to what he referred to as "two

criminals". This mostly received boos.


Bob Holly defeated Orlando Jordan by DQ after OJ pulled the ref in

front of him. After the match, Holly gave OJ the Alabama Slam.


Smackdown: The show opened with Christian debuting his new interview

segment "The Peep Show". His guest was Rey Mysterio. Christian

recapped last weeks events, and teased Eddie coming out. Instead,

Eddie appeared on the Tron and vowed to come out later and reveal part

two of the segmetn. After Eddie's speech on the tron finished,

Christian attacked Mysterio. Eddie actually got a decent face pop,

while Mysterio ended up with the mixed reaction.


Jillian Hall cut a promo attempting to get over her rediculously

sutpid face blemish gimmick. The crowd didn't seem to care at all, and

it just ended up being really gross.


MNM defeated Booker T and Chris Benoit after Melina enterd the ring,

prompting Sharmell to chase after her. Nitro rolled up Booker T and

held onto the ropes to get the pin. They teased some dissention

between Booker T and Benoit after the match. Bother Benoit and Booker

T were very over with the crowd, who was split about 50/50 for cheers.


A backstyage segment was shown with Teddy Long informing Christian

that he'd be fighting Rey Mystrio later in the show.


Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton. Orton says he's going to come

out alter and explain his actions last week.


Next up was the contract signing between JBL and Batista. Nothing

really exciting here, but both men did get a huge reaction from the

crowd. The angle they went with was Batista being cocky, and allowign

JBL to choose the match stipulation. JBL ended up going with the

played out and cliche No Holds Barred match.


The Mexicools beat Scotty Too Hotty and William Regal in a squash

after Regal refused to tag in and walked away.


A backstage promo aired between Animal and Heidenreich about

Heidenreich becoming a Road Warrior.


Randy Orton came out and cut a promo saying that he wants to extract

revenge for losing ot the Undertaker. He challanged the Undertaker to

a match and called him out. Instead, a video aired on the Tron with

Undertaker dfoing the voiceover, accepting the challange. This got big

heat from the crowd when they realized that it meant Undertaker wasn't

actually going to appear.


Animal and Heidenreich beat two jobers whose names I didn't catch in a squash.


Eddie Guerrero was seen in the back helping a woman out of the Limo.

He said that she was an important part of chapter two.


Rey defeated Christian with a legdrop off the top in a pretty good

match. During the match, Eddie came out with the mystery woman and sat

down in seats at the top of the aisle.


After the match, Eddie gave Rey his book and told him to read chapter

two. Finally, Eddie ended up reavealing that the woman was his lawyer,

and that he has gone through the proper legal channels go regain legal

custody of Dominick next week on Smackdown. Rey cut a good promo about

how much he loves his son and how he doesn't want to lose him. This

was a good TV segment, but it was a death sentence for the crowd, who

became restless and started to chant boring after a while.


After the show, JBL and batista came out to work another dark match.

This was basically the same as last night, but without the ref bump.

Batista won after the powerbomb.


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Guest bravesfan

Here's what I posted at thesmartmarks...


Iin my opinion, this is probably the best show top-to-bottom that they've booked since last fall. What I find most encouraging is that MNM are being portrayed as a top team despite not holding the belts. It really doesn't matter who you job in the match - Booker or Benoit - because the screwjob loss really doesn't hurt either and puts heat on the heels. Everyone seems to be protected for the most part (Christian has a talk show, so his in-ring record is really meaningless until he finds a program), so I'm happy with how the entire night was booked.

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Guest Dazed

This got big heat from the crowd when they realized that it meant Undertaker wasn't actually going to appear.

Here's what I don't understand...


It's a taped show, so why don't they have Taker come out and make the acceptance, and just not air the entrance? The amount it costs for the smoke and lights is hugely worthwhile compared to how much it'd please the crowd and have no impact on TV. That someone who was there was motivated enough to send a report to the internet shows that they care somewhat about the product, and they thought that this heat - not good, "boo... he's a bad guy" heat, but, "fuck you, WWE" heat - was worthy of comment is something WWE need to look at.

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Guest teke184

Has anyone else gone off yet on how pathetic it is that the writers have blatantly stolen the "mole" bit from Goldmember for use by Jillian Hall?



Jesus, someone needs to tell these people about the seven-year statute of limitations on gimmick theft made famous by Jim Cornette...

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