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Didya know the AWA is still around

Guest SweetMama Scaat

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Guest SweetMama Scaat

I saw an article at Inside Pulse a while back :"AWA strips World Champion" with the subtitle "AWA has a World Champion?!" apparantly they were just as surprised as everybody else that the American Wrestling Association is up and running.


The champion at the time was Evan Karagias, and the current champ is "King of Old School" Steve Corino.


Today I see a fucking press release by the AWA that theyve signed Mark Jindrak...and apparanlty this is so huge they need a press release!


Not only that but the groups womens champion is Sensational Sherri?!....and their bio page eludes that theyve got Kidman, Shannon Moore, Molly Holly and others working for them...


Theyve also got Bagell, Hall and Nash AND mother fucking NWO Sting.




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