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[2011-02-27-DDT-Into the Fight] Dick Togo vs HARASHIMA

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Dick Togo v. HARISHIMA DDT 2/27/11-GREAT


Another off the charts Togo singles match, he is really on a hell of run having great and varied singles match, all with pretty limited guys. HARISHIMA is sort of a Chris Dickenson to Marifuji's Davey Richards, basically a slightly more tolerable tribute act to the intolerable original. Early part of the match is Togo working as Ric Flair. HARISHIMA misses a kick into the ringpost and Togo does a nice job working it over, including a fun Nature Boy style battle around a figure four. After that section we have a juniors near fall run, which normally isn't my thing. Togo however totally makes this with his facial selling and charisma. The look on his face when HARISHIMA kicks out of the pedigree/senton combo was great, and when HARISHIMA hits the KO kick, you buy that Dick got his lights snuffed. I loved the very end with Togo snatching HARISHIMA out of mid air with a crossface and battling to hold on to it, including when HARISHIMA breaks it whipping out a satellite headscissors right back into the crossface, and then shifting it into a choke with HARISHIMA's own arm, awesome ending, great carry job, don't go Dick Togo, don't go.

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