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Charles (Loss)

[2011-04-24-CMLL] Blue Panther vs Negro Casas

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I've been waiting for this to show up. The brawling in the first fall is superb. Flash submissions in shoot style are something I really like in that style so seeing Panther beat down for the whole first fall only to take the fall with the Fujiwara arm bar is sure to make me jump out of my seat. Casas' arm being hurt by the armbar made the perfect opening for Panther to take control. Casas' selling is great because he has some of the best facial expressions this side of Fujiwara but Panther's no slouch either, especially in selling the attack on his leg. There was even a really well done finisher exchange in the final fall so I got to see a Nudo Lagunero but the finish brought everything back to the limb work from earlier in the match.

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