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  1. Graham Crackers

    Masa Fuchi

    There's a Fuchi/Onita vs Lawler/Dundee match from the TV studio that I also remember loving. Fuchi and Onita do Fargo struts.
  2. Graham Crackers

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    DC One Million is my favorite big event storyline, probably because I was eleven and at the peak of my interest in DC superheroes when it happened. With it being a major font of nostalgia for me I was surprised I didn't recall DC Two Thousand, a 2000 miniseries with Val Semeiks art, design that evokes DC One Million, written by Morrison's buddy Tom Peyer, and another time travel plot. It's a post-crisis JLA/JSA crossover with the modern League traveling back to 1941 to retrieve year 2000 tech planted in 1941 by T.O. Morrow. It's no big revelation but I was really amused at the way the story is mostly viewed from the perspective of the 1941 Justice Society and how they view the modern tech and their future visitors as alien and frightening. My favorite scene involves the Spectre convincing the other JSA heroes that they just use the futuristic tech to prevent the League's grim future where The New Deal programs have been repealed and people listen to a horrible musical style called heavy metal. Certainly a novel approach. I've never done a deep dive on the Hulk but the best Hulk comics I've read were the Walt Simonson stories from the black and white magazines. Simonson with Alcala finishes is a nice combination. I haven't read them yet but I have a friend whose favorite Marvel comic is Hulk but Mantlo/Buscema/Talaoc.
  3. Graham Crackers

    Old School John Pelan

    Oh no, that's such a shame. I always liked reading his Weird Fiction posts on DVDVR but I don't recall any direct interaction with him.
  4. This thread is consistently great. Thanks so much for putting these together. Watching the AJPW 80s set with it's glimpses of Hara and the rumors of his gambling debt ending his All Japan run created an evocative character in my imagination. Having the backstory fleshed out has managed to be even better.
  5. Graham Crackers

    What is the Greatest Wrestling Ever?

    When I got serious about watching older pro wrestling footage fifteen years ago I was under the misguided impression that watching every pro wrestling match was a more attainable goal compared to other mediums. Obviously that was youthful hubris but the biggest obstacle is that I just plain don't like a lot of this stuff. Wrestling that'll likely be well represented on my list: CMLL from the 80s to the early 21st century, NJPW 1986-1996, BattlArts, various shoot style organizations, AJPW from 1988-1999, 80s Memphis, NOAH from 2001-2005, WCW from 1991-1994 Maybe I'll add more to that list five years from now.
  6. Graham Crackers

    Yuki Ishikawa

    Thank you! 2008 into 2009 he has the epic against Carl Greco which is one of my five favorite matches of all time, the long six man elimination tag from 7/2008, and the International Lightweight Tag Team Championship match from 8/2008, and a B Rules match with Otsuka. A bunch of guys you'd never think of as elite have incredible singles matches with Ishikawa during this time period including Super Tiger II and Ryuji Walter.
  7. Graham Crackers

    Ricky Morton

    For something completely different check out the 1980 Ricky Morton vs Sonny King match from the Memphis set. It's from the time period where Memphis presented a lot of matwork.
  8. Graham Crackers

    Yuki Ishikawa

    Ishikawa was in my top 10 in 2016. He's added to his case since then with both his return to the ring and a number of unearthed matches from the last 25 years. I wonder if he may even be a potential number 1. Something for myself to consider at least. @Grimmas the link to this thread in the index of nominees is not working.
  9. Graham Crackers

    Yoshiaki Fujiwara

    He was my number 1 in 2016 and is my current working number 1 for 2026. We've got five years but even if he's usurped, I doubt he drops more than a couple spots. My current goal is cleaning up my 2016 list by applying a more standardized methodology. After that I can start considering catching up on new footage, deep dives, etc.
  10. Graham Crackers

    In defense of Kaz Fujita

    I watched every bit of turn of the century New Japan I could find online during the Purotopia 2000-2009 MOTD project several years back. That included a bunch of stuff that hadn't been nominated for that project though I'm sure I still have a few blind spots. Fujita is one of the guys I thought looked good coming out of that viewing. I'd still put him behind Naoya Ogawa but I also found Fujita to be more reliable than Murakami, who I like but I also think is sightly overrated in these corners of internet wrestling discussion.
  11. Graham Crackers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I read The Manly Art by Elliot Gorn, which is about the history of bare knuckle prize fighting in the US and using it to explore the conflicts between protestant and catholic culture, several years ago. I found it to be a really interesting book but as a wrestling fan what really fascinated me was reading about all of the screwy finishes and realizing that this was where pro wrestling promoters likely got the ideas for those finishes. Lots of no contests when fighters refused to return to the ring and lots of interference from seconds. My favorite if I'm still remembering the details correctly was one fight where the second pulled out a cane sword, a guy in the front row shot him, and a riot broke out.
  12. Graham Crackers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/Wrestling-Was-Fixed-Even-in-Ancient-Rome-180951795/ Possibly since long before steam power
  13. Graham Crackers

    The aging of wrestling fans

    The thing about the comic book industry is that it does huge numbers with kids, but it's not Marvel and DC they're reading. It's Raina Tellgemeier and Dav Pilkey, then when they get older they read manga. Marvel and DC are a decent enough comparison for WWE, especially in terms of their insular culture and aging audience. If Marvel and DC stop publishing comics, stores will shut down but you'll probably still be able to buy Amulet at Barnes and Noble. If WWE closes down I don't think anything in the US will ever really take it's place.
  14. Graham Crackers

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I always loved how Earth X tied in various licensed Marvel titles like 2001 and Conan, but without actually saying any names that could get them in trouble. I think it holds up as fun but not anything special. I like my Marvel comics as soap operas so these "bookshelf" comics never make a permanent impression. The sequels though, ooh boy. They're like a weird anime ending but for hundreds of pages. Much funnier to just read the wikipedia summaries. 90s Marvel comics I like: Alan Davis on Excalibur - When Davis was writing it felt like a successful attempt at tying up loose ends from Claremont's X-Men run. Davis had an incredible artistic range back then. Mike Baron on Punisher - Baron basically kept up with deadlines by writing on cocaine and it shows. It's pure 80s/90s action schlock but written by a psychopath who never takes the stories in the direction you'd expect. Kind of Bob Haney-esque but more tasteless. Ladronn on Cable - before he went all in on the Franco-Belgian sci-fi aesthetics Ladronn's mix of Kirby and Moebius was really pleasing. We never got a classic in this style but the art elevates passable writing by Joe Casey.
  15. Graham Crackers

    Good matches "ruined" by their endings

    Felt like half of the 80s New Japan set were matches that'd have me really invested until somebody was dq’d for throwing their opponent over the guard rail.