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Charles (Loss)

[2006-11-27-BJW] Mens Teoh & Jun Kasai & Jaki Numazawa vs Takashi Sasaki & Abdullah Kobayashi & Badboy Hido

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Teioh comes in with an eye bandage. Hido pulls it off and stabs him with a scissor, everybody acts concerened as Teioh is carried to the back. Neat 3 vs 2 segment with Kasai as FIP before Teioh comes back as TERRY BOY with a big bandage and does his Terry Funk impression throwing punches and locking in abdominal stretches. Abby Jr. does neat impression of a funny Abby Sr. sell when he eats a roaring elbow from Teioh. Aside from putting a little highlight on Teioh (who is a really cool overlooked worker) this was your standard BJW lighttube tag. These are usually fun as they have no down time and neatly put together finishing runs, but really lose their luster after you watch a few of them because they are, in the end, incredibly samey and don't really give you anything to sink your teeth into. If this is your first, you will either find it neat, or be repulsed.

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