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[2014-05-10-NJPW/ROH-Global Wars] Michael Bennett vs ACH


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  • GSR changed the title to [2014-05-10-NJPW/ROH-Global Wars] Michael Bennett vs ACH
  • 3 years later...

As Bennett comes to the ring, Kevin Kelly is talking about his upcoming match with Hiroshi Tanahashi at the next ROH show.  You know he's not losing here.  Bennett's knee is taped up under his kneepad, which Steve Corino catches right away.  It becomes a target for ACH, working Bennett's knee.  Maria, looking as fine as ever, distracts ACH to help Bennett gain control.  She eats a spear on the apron later and plays dead for the rest of the match.  ACH followed this with a huge dive, running up and over the ropes and landing on Bennett in the extremely large ringside area.  Back in the ring, ACH went to the ropes, Bennett's "knee gives out" and he falls into the ref, who hits the ropes and ACH crotches himself on the buckle.  Bennett lifts him up and hits a Dominator for the win.  Gutsy win for Mike Bennett who has a big match next weekend and does not look 100% leaving the ring tonight.

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