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[2014-04-27-CMLL] Averno & Mephisto & Ephesto & Puma & Tiger & Niebla Roja vs Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr & Triton & Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr & Valiente


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  • GSR changed the title to [2014-04-27-CMLL] Averno & Mephisto & Ephesto & Puma & Tiger & Niebla Roja vs Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr & Triton & Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr & Valiente
  • 3 years later...

Ephesto and Valiente started the dives shortly after Valiente nailed Ephesto with a huge forearm to the butt.  The timing on Ephesto's tope was spectacular, he hit Valiente a split second after he turned around.  I was impressed with so many of the dives, the guys were not just jumping onto their opponent, they were diving through them and really utilizing the barrier as a weapon in these moments.  I'm sure this is somewhat common in lucha, but as a novice it really stood out.

Long-haired skinny guy Rey Cometa gave me some old school Lightning Kid vibes.  He hit a pretty crazy dive, took a sick bump off a superkick, and got submitted to a crazy lucha submission.  Another guy that impressed me was the barrel-chested Valiente.  This dude would fly out of the ring like a cannonball.  He also hit this cool-looking Tombstone into a jawbreaker move that killed Puma.  He got eliminated after Averno and Mephisto decided to start double-teaming some guys.  This left Stuka on his own.  He got his mask torn up by the rudos before rolling up Averno in one of those cool moments where the heel celebrates with his back to the action while his partner is getting pinned.  At this point I am all for Stuka fighting back against these dastardly guys as his mask is hanging in tatters off his face.  They battled for a while, Stuka took some damage and kept kicking out, surprising even the ref. He finally hit piledriver move to get the pin, knocking his own mask off in the process.  I've always had a hard time getting into lucha, but this was a lot of fun.


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