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Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

World's Worst Man

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I originally posted this at my TSM blog, so I just c/p'ed it over here. Oh and hi, I'm new here.


Kobashi vs. Akiyama (12/23/00)


The Good


- Akiyama plays his role as an asshole well, Kobashi plays the role of his angered opponent well. Akiyama doesn't give clean breaks, so Kobashi brutalizes him when he gets Jun in the corner.


- The strikes and execution was stiff and believable. No surprise here and nothing out of the oridnary for these guys.


- They fought for the moves really well, particular the dangerous moves. The fight for the ring side suplex, the fight/tease of the ramp to floor exploder was particular good. Jun did a good job trying to get out of the headlocks/chinlocks too, considering this next point...


- Kobashi's neck attack was focused and well executed, leaving no doubt as to what he was attempting. Made his low-end offense seem important.


- Smart counters to moves that had already been used earlier in the match. Kobashi countering Jun's knee and Jun countering Kobashi's suplex in particular.


- Akiyama's long-term selling was great at all points. He was really putting over the damage that he had taken from each Kobashi control segment, as well as the match overall.


- Akiyama's arm work was well done and makes sense in the context of lessening the effect of Kobashi's lariat. A great sequence in particular was Jun trying to get the armbar, but Kobashi blocking it, so Jun went to a short-arm scissors instead. Kobashi eventually tried to flash pin Jun while Jun still had the hold, so Jun easily kicked out and then got the full armbar. Smart work.


- Both guys were selling their injuries well. Kobashi with his arm, Jun with his neck. Jun's selling was fantastic.


- Great transition. Jun goes for one too many armbreakers, so Kobashi counters with a sleeper suplex. It was just a perfect position to use it. Another great transition is mentioned later.


- They fought for the ramp half-nelson really well. It seemed like Jun was safe, but Kobashi pulled him off the ropes and quickly hit it. Jun sells it like death.


- The concrete floor exploder was a great way for Jun to get back on fairly equal footing with Kobashi, after Jun was being killed for a lot of the match. This also lead to Jun switching his attack to Kobashi's neck, to setup for the front necklock. Great time and reason to switch attacks.


- Great stretch run. They fought for the front necklock, with Jun getting it on but Kobashi getting the ropes right at the same time. Wrist clutch exploder was setup nicely. Jun attempts a normal exploder, Kobashi reaches out for the ropes, so Jun simply grabs the hand and hits the wrist-clutch exploder. Jun attempts a super exploder, Kobashi counters with a lariat, leading to a great double-sell sequence which really throws the match into doubt.


- Burning hammer finish works. Kobashi can't screw around because if Jun gets the front necklock, it's probably over. Forgoes the moonsault and just goes for the burning hammer, which is setup excellently. Rolling kesagiri to the back of the neck sends Jun stomach first into the corner, and that was the beginning of the end.


The Bad


- The no-selling/delayed selling of the half-nelson suplex and exploder was just superfluous.


- Akiyama's counter to Kobashi's moonsault didn't make sense, as Akiyama was hurting at the time. Would have been better if Kobashi had simply missed the moonsault.


You know, I originally had this at ***1/2, and I don't know what the hell I was smoking, because this was Kobashi and Akiyama's best match together. I think I was in my "no-selling is the end of the world" phase when I originally watched it, and I unfairly judged the match after that. This was easily a MOTDC, ****1/2. If not for the couple flaws, this was probably ****3/4.

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