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  1. World's Worst Man

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    I remember back when this place started back in 2005 (holy fuck, it's been 15 years) and I'm quite glad it's still around and doing well. It was nice to have a change of pace from the incredibly toxic environments that were seemingly everywhere back then. And now it's great to have a place where, regardless of our preferences/opinions, the people are generally knowledgeable about various areas of pro-wrestling history. It makes for some interesting and refreshing discussions that can't seem to be found much elsewhere.
  2. World's Worst Man

    AJPW four pillars vs NJPW cornerstones

    I wish more people realized that all of this is just that - different preferences. It's one thing for someone to bask in their ignorance and spout bullshit, ala the dregs of wreddit, but Dave is a guy who has a lot of exposure to pro wrestling and simply likes certain styles more than others. Criticising him for being snarky or trollish is fine, but I have to say it's really ironic considering that I see a ton of nasty/provocative comments about the things Dave likes (AEW, NJPW, the modern spotty indy style, etc), which is apparently fair game. With that being said, if a critic holds wildly different preferences from the reader, it's perfectly reasonable to discount and ignore those opinions. I would imagine that is the disconnect here, much as it's the disconnect with the WWE fanboys who started the Tokyo Dome meme.
  3. World's Worst Man

    AJPW four pillars vs NJPW cornerstones

    How does Jay White sound as a Taue comparable? He's the least flashy of the group and is a great prick. I like Okada over Misawa. Misawa was mechanically amazing but I never really got how he became so over, especially when you saw Kobashi coming up later who had a better overall package but never quite reached that level (maybe because of the overall downturn in business). Plus Okada seems like a fun, goofy guy outside the ring which I like. Speaking as someone who still cares about selling, I'd say Okada, Naito, Ishii and Ibushi are still at or near the level of the four pillars in terms of ability. To the modern fan that doesn't care so much about selling and is all about the workrate, they would clearly rate higher.
  4. World's Worst Man

    Wrestle Kingdom 14

    Agreed. Neither of the main events was excessive which I think has been the main problem with some of the epic, main event matches of the past. Some of that may be due to the absence of certain workers who tend to go overboard (Kenny Omega for example). The criticism about the early parts of Okada matches is puzzling to me. How many matches ever have a significant amount of "meaningful" segments, especially early on? And regardless, it's pro-wrestling - the idea is to beat the opponent. This is done by wearing them down and hitting big moves that have a chance of getting a pin-fall or submission. If that's not one's cup of tea, fine, but it's a perfectly rational way to present a pro-wrestling match.
  5. World's Worst Man

    All Elite Wrestling

    This makes me think guys like Undertaker and JBL were the biggest marks of all. Pro wrestling is a performance, not dissimilar to a play or television show. Trying to maintain the act in normal, real-life situations is just pathetic. Treat the art properly during the show or in relevant situations, but outside of that, get a life.
  6. World's Worst Man

    AEW Dynamite Week 9 - 27 Nov 2019

    The Butcher and the Blade kind of have an aesthetic that would fit in perfectly with a certain villain. Just saying.
  7. World's Worst Man

    WWE NXT War Games 2019 - MENGO

    I used to like Mauro Renallo in the earlier NXT days but last night just made it clear to me that he has no restraint anymore and has become a parody of himself. Over the top, 11/10 reactions lose their meaning when they happen constantly - then it just becomes annoying. It's a shame because he used to be fun. It's typical WWE in a way, where something good is run into the ground as it becomes more and more forced and unnatural.
  8. World's Worst Man

    All Elite Wrestling

    Mental health issues, apparently.
  9. World's Worst Man

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Joey Ryan sucks and Cornette is spot-on with a lot of his criticism towards Omega (stupid body language, stupid facials; bad acting, basically) but holy shit he is completely insane at this point. The vitriol he directs towards these guys is to such a degree that it would only be justified if they were actively trying to hurt him or his family, yet instead it's simply because he doesn't think they are good at pro-wrestling. Even if his behaviour is simply for entertainment value (which I don't think it completely is) it's embarrassing and at this point, disturbing.
  10. Hell, you can go back to NJPW in 2014 and see that the atmosphere and crowd investment is better. Maybe I'm mistaken but when I compare the incipient stages of NJPW's comeback (2011-2015), it feels like the crowd heat was way stronger than it is today. Regarding the complaints of matches feeling "samey", I think this is partially a by-product of the fact that there is so much footage available now. Look at the G1 - we are getting 19 PPV/major show level cards in less than a month. It's just too many big matches where the wrestlers are trying to go all-out. I remember years ago being asked why I had so many more matches rated ***1/2+ in 2005 as compared to the years from the 90's, when 2005 was considered a pretty crap year and the 90's were the 90's. The simple answer was that I watched a ton of NJPW TV that year and each show usually contained several matches and had something that would hit that mark (usually not much higher than ***1/2 if I'm honest). This was compared the old days where I would watch a handful of big shows and the odd television with only 1-2 matches.
  11. World's Worst Man

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I think there is some truth in saying that over-analyzing matches and nitpicking obscure details does lead to some pretty severe burn-out. I'd also say over-analysis is a problem becaue I believe it leads to a lot of shall we say, creative interpretations of matches that don't necessarily conform to what is actually going on in the ring. I don't think any of this has anything to do with ranking and categorizing matches though. Someone could do that based completely off of their emotional response to a match as opposed to whether the match ticked all the boxes of their mental checklist. To me, keeping track of my ratings/thoughts is a pragmatic response to the sheer quantity of media that I consume, a lot of which doesn't stick with me unless it's odd or strikes a particular emotion. This is a problem because there are enjoyable matches that I tend to forget because they didn't meet the criteria I just mentioned. I actually tend to not remember details very well in general, instead remembering my emotions towards a certain thing or experience rather than the details of such. Recording the information helps me out quite a bit in this regard.
  12. World's Worst Man

    RIP Vader

    Vader is one of the few guys I experienced both as a marky kid and as a workrate fan adult. Fond, nostalgic memories of seeing him in WCW and an appreciation for his ability when I watched him during the late 90's/early 2000's in AJPW and NOAH. I think Keiji Mutoh and Jushin Liger are the only other wrestlers that I've had that experience with (both thanks to early 90's WCW). Who else comes close to the combination of Vader's achievements/popularity in the US and Japan? Mutoh, Hansen, Terry Funk, Hogan, Road Warriors? It's not a long list in any case.
  13. World's Worst Man

    G-1 Climax 2018

    Jay White has the best worker in the world on night 1, no excuses if he lays an egg there. I will be interested to see if he's improved or if it ends up being just a one-sided carry job.
  14. World's Worst Man

    Current New Japan

    If anything I'd prefer NJPW to start a separate women's promotion that can enjoy NJPW's exposure and finances. That would be a terribly risky move though and NJPW is already embarking on a somewhat risky but fairly important business strategy (North American expansion).
  15. World's Worst Man

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Dave's breaking of his scale is simply due to, in my opinion, him overrating matches in general. While I certainly think he throws around ****+ ratings way too much, there is also a problem on the low end as well and that I think is due to the paucity of truly bad matches in modern pro-wrestling. It just seems like there's less utter crap these days whereas in days past it was easy to find matches with utterly incompetent pro-wrestling basics. If anything, the standards for what constitutes an average or sub-par match need to change so that the scale doesn't essentially start at ***. This would leave more room in the ***-**** range so not everything that's halfway decent needs to be rated ****1/2. What I've realized with Dave's pimping of these matches is that he values quantity over quality, from my point of view. A match with a lot of near-falls or a lot of "drama" will be rated highly regardless of whether the near-falls and drama were done in an interesting way. This is where the modern NJPW stuff falls a bit short of the 90's AJPW that it's based off of. The AJPW guys were better at creating interesting sequences and drama, particularly in the early-mid portions of the match. I'm still a fan of modern NJPW but I do wish they would take it a bit easier at times and do less shit while trying to make what they do a bit more meaningful.