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Dylan Waco

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This is sort of similar to what I did with the indie thread. I don't want to do all of the heavy lifting bringing over reviews myself, and I am also certain that some of these names would have zero chance of making my list. Still these are all guys who have been talked up in various corners of the lucha watching world over the last several years. I honestly could see nominating about half of these names, though I'm not sure there is a single person on this list I would be able to vote for by 2016 (guys like Cavernario, Hechicero and Rush are on the rise and have great resumes for what is out there, but who knows). Anyway the point is as of now these guys don't have threads. We don't have to run off and start them all now, but this is something to keep track of possible guys to include as time unfolds and resumes thicken.



Chico Che

Trauma I

Trauma II

Dr. Cerebro





La Sombra

Volador Jr.





There are a couple of mini's I could see mentioning as well but I'll leave it here for now. I may edit in more later

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I don't think Dr. Cerebro is completely out of the question. He had some great stuff with Santito (altough not a great worker then) the early 2000s, was supposedly a freaky matworker back then already (would need to see these 1999 IWRG or Dragon System shows), turned into a really good worker throughout the 2000s with the 2004 tag title match with Cerebro Negro against Virus and Suicida being a real highlight, and was one of the best workers in the world 2009-2011 (where he carried some greenish guys like Multifacetico to high quality title matches).


Hechicero seems like another case where there might be lots of cool under the radar stuff. He was in that awesome title match with Valiente in 2008 and a few matches with Caifan that are def. quality stuff. He's had quite the career - spending 10 years in nowhere then rising through the ranks in CMLL in minimal time.


Las Traumas are probably the hardest to sell considering they didn't get "good" until 2009 but had sometimes weekly awesome performances after that. They both where close to being the greatest in the world in some years, but vanished for now. Altough I liked their rudo run in IWRG earlier this year.

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Keep in mind there's another year to go, with great work I could see myself going with a couple of these guys. The only ones I'd be actively against voting for would be Cavernario (Not enough body of work) & Rush (My heart...but for similar reasons. He wasn't very good at all until around that Terrible Apuestas match and turned the corner) & Titán (Same.).


I guess my top candidate of this bunch would be Hechicero with all his indy work to be determined on. Would be interested in a Mistico's CMLL run rewatch and think he's definitely worth a thread at least.


RE: Faby - I would argue Dark Angel and Marcela are nearly or as good or better than her, also would say all 3 are worth a look.

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I'd sooner vote for Demus 3:16 than any of these guys if we're being honest. The IWRG workers are all cool guys, but IWRG footage comes and goes too much for them to have a proper candidacy and they're not top 20-30 luchadores all time. With the CMLL guys, I could see people voting for some of those names. I wouldn't, but I don't think it's unreasonable.

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