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  1. DylanZero

    Volk Han vs Kiyoshi Tamura

    I don't mean face is in biggest star or anything in reality, I mean among outsiders who have little knowledge or only developing interest in RINGS and it's style, Han is the go-to guy of interest that gets brought up almost every time over Tamura or the others.
  2. DylanZero

    Matt Hardy vs Christian

    Agree with this, and that whole angle I remember fondly as something WWE or really any company hasn't had at the time or since in terms of an energy, obviously because of the real life implications of everything. On top of it Edge was basically a negative IMO from his neck surgery on in the ring, Matt made that series in terms of wrestling to me. He's not been great the last decade though as a worker, Christian is still going strong to this day and I would rank him as one of AEW's best. Matt just runs out of matches compared to Christian.
  3. DylanZero

    Volk Han vs Kiyoshi Tamura

    I've seen literally every show up until the original KoK tournament where they went full shoot and a common thought on Han is that "He didn't have many matches, but he was amazing 100% of the time" which to be honest didn't prove EXACTLY true, but he was pretty damn great a vast majority of the time and at his peak he's one of the best ever and certainly as a wrestler. I will definitely rank him, but I can't put him too too high despite his great matches and honestly my fondness for his wrestling and general awesomeness. Tamura to me takes this one because while he did wrestle in other companies, but more importantly in RINGS this is actually one of the more fair comps you can make in this vs. critique which often crosses styles and generations and often the two were wrestlers were trying to accomplish entirely different goals. Here you can have a nearly direct comparison with two guys who faced nearly the exact same opponent list and worked essentially the same style, and yet, all the best matches with the other guys Tamura's were all just better. It's best RINGS match? Tamura. Yamamoto? Tamura. Ilioukhine? Tamura. Tariel? Tamura. Maeda? Probably Tamura and he was completely broken down on top of it by the time he wrestled him. I always have wondered why Han is the face of RINGS to most modern fans or at least the first name brought up and known when in reality Tamura was pushed much more at the time, almost always in main events and probably had pretty much all the best matches in the company in comparison.
  4. DylanZero

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    I have to say, I enjoy JJ a lot on these shows and he comes across pretty strongly almost all the time in these latest episodes. I wish Conrad would let this fiction writer stuff go though. You can guarantee Jeff hadn't thought 2 seconds about that comment after he said it, and it's been like 10 weeks of Conrad bringing on about it every week. I get that a lot of his shows are built around burying Dave and all that but Jeff just comes across like that's by far his least favorite part of the show. On top of it Jeff has been pretty much completely open to talking about money and how profitable things were and weren't and every time it comes up Conrad acts like Jeff has kept everything completely hidden and is all annoyed for some reason "So wait, you're talking about '94 right? Do we have that number somewhere?" "you don't have to give me a number, dammit, just make a ballpark estimate!" I wasn't a big fan of this week's questions episodes but did enjoy his recap of his debut vignettes from the Ain't I Great episode. Love the idea of him shooting a 2 minute video at the Grand Ole Opry and having to run away immediately because they didn't actually rent the building.
  5. DylanZero

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    How goofy was Conrad this week? Jeff just explained why JH lied so much about the PPV numbers early on because it kept himself getting his 20k paycheck and then Conrad suddenly has this hard shift into "So like...do ya think he had drug issues to make him do this?" HUH? Like, that totally came out of nowhere in context of the story. I agree with the above and it's humorous that literally every episode of this Jeff is all like "Is this show boring? Does anyone really care?" It's fitting this is a WCW/TNA show as we have the guy on air saying his own show sucks.
  6. DylanZero

    Mayu Iwatani vs Sasha Banks

    Sasha's really turned a corner since her return, blue hair and all. I used to think she was one of the most overrated wrestlers I've seen in my life. The vast majority of her main roster run was actively bad IMO. Even her matches that were praised heavily like those vs. Charlotte were bordering on unprofessionally sloppy. She came across as someone who was a big fan of Japanese wrestling without the capabilities to actually perform them properly. It all culminated in that 8 woman Raw tag where her & Peyton Royce put on one of the worst displays of wrestling ever to make it onto television after which she quickly dipped and it seems like she had probably not been putting in her greatest effort due to being unsatisfied with WWE's booking, which is fair. However she let it show more to the extent it has to be mentioned. Now in fairness, Paige, Charlotte, Alexa, & Royce aren't exactly the best ring generals to judge anyone against. But her elevation after her return was tangible and I've turned around completely. You can't convince me the matches against Bayley in HIAC, Bianca at WM, vs. Asuka and so on are on the same level as those Charlotte & Alexa matches earlier on in her main run that people tried to defend. She's achieved her spot and honestly greatness through hard work which is admirable but to judge her career as a whole, there's certainly warts, which are much much greater than Mayu's, who has been consistently great for 6 years now in both singles and tag settings. While true again her level of competition is significantly better than Sasha's on the whole, it's hard for me to say Sasha has had the better in-ring career when through 2016-the first half of 2019 Mayu probably had 20 matches per year throughout that time that were better than Sasha's best and Sasha's 20 worst performances were probably worse than Mayu's worst. From late 2019-I totally think they're right there and as has been mentioned, Sasha has a couple of legendary matches that you could say if you want to go to an extreme peak in NXT but overall? Mayu to me has to take this cake. Look at her body of work, and not to mention, she deserves credit for being the Ace of one of the most turbulent companies in any country over the last 6 years, with all kinds of roster turnover and company changes for all sorts of reasons. Regardless of a swirling environment and surrounding cast of characters she has been the person in the company to get the most out of virtually all of them. I think that is a place where she signs, like an NBA Point Guard who makes everyone around them better, to counter Kadaveri's point above, I would point to her High Speed Title match from Thunder Rosa from 2016 (good now, but she was very green here), her return from injury vs. Rachael Ellering, one of the most loathed foreigners to work Stardom tours, in 2018, & her empty arena lumberjack match vs. Saki Kashima in 2020. Now, no lie, all of those are better than Carmella or Charlotte and Alexa, but that doesn't mean Mayu didn't get the most out of them, not just by bumping hard and being reckless, but specifically against Kashima used a high wrestling IQ to overcome the obstacles of the pandemic being right at the start and it being a show with a series of Stardom first and making it work better than some people can make pandemic wrestling even over a year later. I like and respect Sasha as a wrestler a lot and love how far she's come a lot, but from matches to tools, I can't go against Mayu, who also to me would be one of the better modern candidates in general in wrestling.
  7. DylanZero

    Kenta Kobashi vs. Akira Hokuto

    Andre won't be on my list or even come close, I don't know what that has to do with anything. Hokuto's an incredible performer, at her peak the best women's wrestler of all time. But not over Kobashi, who was BITWC caliber for twice as long. I would say peak Hokuto is 90-95 and she was up there, perhaps even at the tip top during some of those. She was for me. But after and before while she was still a great performer, but would not have been a Most Outsanding candidate overall due to output. Kobashi was at that level until 2000 and then again in 2003, also with great matches in other years. It's just a numbers game at this point that provides the difference for Kobashi more than a difference in talent as both are deserving all time greats.
  8. DylanZero

    Kenta Kobashi vs. Akira Hokuto

    I couldn't explain my thoughts on this matchup any better than this. Hokuto with 5 more years is top 10, likely top 5 all time and could see myself her beating out Kobashi. But as is I can't take her in-ring career over Kobashi's. His run and matches are just incredible.
  9. DylanZero

    Mayu Iwatani

    I'm not certain there's a single person in Joshi who has been better over the last 5 years which is incredible as when she first arrived I remember watching those early shows and thinking she was the worst of the Stardom talent and nowhere near the ones I admired in terms of talent in Hoshiki & Yoshiko. To see her grow into being one of the best overall performers whether in wrestling or in real life is heartwarming. I would say her turning point was around 2015 where things really really clicked, I remember seeing her Gold May title challenge vs. Kairi and being like "Whoa wait a minute." on her and she eventually became to me the best of the Daughters of Stardom outright which I wouldn't have expected. But she rocks, love her ability to make everyone look better, the insanity and reckless abandon she wrestles with, her offensive moveset, her look, everything about her is awesome to me. If she's still going strong by 2026 I think she definitely will be there and a heavy contender for my list.
  10. DylanZero

    CM Punk vs Owen Hart

    I would bet if I saw it, I would probably come away thinking that he performed better against that bag of popcorn than Punk did in any match in his career. Also the Marty Jones match was really good, I still think it holds up pretty well but admittedly am a fan of that style. Also do agree with Matt D that the Boy Scouts show tag was a toned down version of the Rumble match vs OE BUT how heartwarming was it to see how hot those kids and families were for Owen? Surely that has to count for something.
  11. DylanZero

    Manami Toyota vs Shawn Micheals

    Literally I could google Mayu and come up with like 5 GIFs immediately of Mayu going crazy on some bump in a way that HBK never has in his career and Toyota has dozens and dozens of times what are you talking about? Literally just watching one big match of hers would disprove this statement. Even that article Grimmas posted, her bumping style was described that you could also attribute to being highly similar to Toyota's, though worded in a notoriously Mayu way of course. I think perhaps me and OJ are just on different wavelengths to what influence is to you guys because what he said is exactly what I would say irt Toyota's modern influence, and then you are saying these things are apart of a Western overheralding of her and even that it's coming out of thin air in cases. And even then, who exactly would have influenced the modern style more in Joshi? Again I would list Jaguar & Nagayo who both came before Toyota herself, perhaps Hokuto and Meiko in her own way (although even among her trainees their styles I would list as almost universally as not similar to Meiko herself at all in-ring). And then who? You can attribute quite a few things in the modern era to Toyota which have already been mentioned. I don't know if that's true of virtually anyone else of her era.
  12. DylanZero

    Genichiro Tenryu vs. Stan Hansen

    There's also something to be said for Tenryu able to still work on a WOTYC level into the 2000s. Although one could argue that Hansen had more longevity, the difference between going from the 70s to the 80s was significantly smaller than the 90s to the 2000s. Even Hashimoto struggled afterwards and was broke down (with a few awesome moments) and he was much younger than Tenryu and didn't face the epics of AJPW. For someone like Tenryu to pull that off in his 50s has to be a huge boon to him being one of the best ever. Hansen was awesome and ranks high on the Bull Nakano scale of "no matter what match you watch he's guaranteed to do at least one awesome thing no matter what that makes you love wrestling" but as an overall worker I think I prefer Tenryu. Even in terms of highest highs his match vs. Jumbo was my favorite of either of these guys careers. Hansen is an all time great and I don't have too many real negatives but yeah I go with Tenryu here. He was in my top 3 last time and if he's not in 2026, he won't drop out of the top 5.
  13. DylanZero

    Manami Toyota vs Shawn Micheals

    I agree her run as Ace was my least favorite portion of her career on a personal level. I meant more her matches vs. Hokuto and Yamada and her tag work. 90-92 is peak Toyota and there's no denying IMO her acting abilities made multiple matches work during that time. After that it wasn't the same on that level and things shifted. Although even in her match vs. Kandori as late as 98 her selling helped make that match too. I do think the stylistic change and just burnout with the company by the time she got that spot to do these things in 1995 played a role but I would agree with you by that point left a lot to be desired. @GrimmasShe had multiple matches against Hokuto and Yamada which were of this, again, one even directly and blatantly ripped off thirty years later. And maybe Mayu did watch and was influenced by DG, but there's nobody in DG she bumps like as much as she Toyota. Obviously her size naturally would effect that so it may be a mirage of sorts on my end, but all of these attributes myself and OJ are saying can also be directly attributed to Mayu as well. To say there's no influence from Toyota in modern Joshi is not fair. Even if you take away Mayu, although again I personally find her killing herself in all her matches quite comparable at worst to Toyota's way, if not directly influenced.
  14. DylanZero

    Carl Greco vs. Kazuchika Okada

    I don't even think he bookends stuff, well. His opening match segments are completely worthless. His entire value is in essentially the last 10% of his matches and even then there's so much he does shitty. Just look at literally any of his submission work throughout his career or this recent rollup he's trying to implement which looks slow and sloppy and bad. BUSHIROAD has put a crap ton of marketing behind him and pushed him for upwards of a decade but his hype has been exceeded over and over to the fans, even at his peak. Whether Tana, Omega, Naito, and just look at the reaction to Shingo winning the title a couple of weeks ago. He's more like McDonald's to me. Always positioned at the top and successful at what he does no doubt, but would anyone call McD's their absolute favorite place to eat? Greco is an amazing worker and hopefully even people who don't know him give him a chance.
  15. DylanZero

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Hideki Suzuki One of the brightest spots to ever come from IGF, Hideki's career has spanned from wrestling on BattlArts' last show to BJW champion to now NXT, I absolutely love his work and think he's one of the last to really "get" bridging the gap between real and worked wrestling. We're seeing a bit of a Revival of his style in GLEAT and sadly it's after he was signed to the WWE and gone from the country. That said his matches against a variety of opponents I enjoy not just the way he wrestles and his style but the fact that he makes everything feel earned, a rare trait for a modern wrestler in a pretty cooperative age. I also enjoy his slight differences to his approach depending on the style of his opponent. He still is doing his style but will change how he utilizes it against different opponents from big guys like Strong BJ, to guys not positioned on his level like Nomura & Kamitani to a technical guy like Thatcher to a striker like Nakajima he adjusts well against his different opponents. He just debut as I'm writing this in NXT and on paper he would have a fairly low ceiling in modern WWE but with the in-ring excitement of his virtual mirror Timothy Thatcher I can see a future where he adds to his case, which for me would put him over the top. I encourage everyone to check out his best work, including these matches: vs. Yuji Okabayashi - 5.5.2017 - BJW vs. Timothy Thatcher - 4.4.2019 - Josh Barnett's Bloodsport vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima - 2.16.2020 - Pro Wrestling NOAH