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  1. I did a podcast with LuchaWorld's Fredo Esparza talking about every candidate in the Lucha region of the Observer this week and we got into pretty much everyone, but would really enjoy the fine folks at PWO to give it a listen and see what the experts here think, whether you're a voter or just someone more interested in Lucha history I think this show hits on a few levels and we even go into a few meta topics like how important magazines were to Lucha Libre back in the old days, how hot things were in the 80s, how influential Los Misioneros are to Trios wrestling style, "cool" rudos, how awesome Sangre Chicana is, how big a star Huracán Ramirez was in the movies, and who the better dancer is between LA Park and Kraneo, among other things like a comprehensive bio of Ruben Juarez in Fredo's own words. it's hard to tell which way the wind is blowing in regards to the voters, but it was worth it just to talk about all these legends. I did my part to run point and hopefully came across well as outside of Juarez I was familiar with the rest. I really enjoyed the show and hopefully you enjoy it too. Show link: https://art19.com/shows/lucha-talk/episodes/1fa28aab-7c55-42a4-bc64-951fbdc17973
  2. The only real "disappointment" if you could call it that, would be Cavernario getting a vote but not Hechicero, might have tried to swap him out as my #100 "vanity pick" type of guy since I'm pretty sure Ultimo got more than 1 vote. Obviously there are some "huh?" picks but that's the beauty of the bottom of the list/honorables, at least we had fun. I think the only ones that really reached a point of consideration for me that have been listed thus far, being in the mix loosely would be Fuyuki, Faroan & Gran Apache, and Faroan would probably be my highest ranking of the 3. Good pick getting him in there. I love the guy. Thought he was better than Kawada in Footloose and right there with the top guys in AJPW at end end of the 80s. I never got around to tail end FMW which is the only reason I didn't rank him. He's probably the one guy in this first run where I feel like he was really slept on and deserved better. But I didn't have him on my ballot, so it's hard to bitch. Really happy Hamrick and Whipwreck got votes. It hurt to leave them off. Tempers was my 100 at my point. Agreed on Fuyuki being better than Kawada at the time, I think he was highly underrated during that era and played a great part in giving Kawada a good spot to be in in the company A. While the promotion was going through a significant turning point, and B. while he was still getting himself together in the ring so to speak. Fuyuki in late in FMW was very charismatic despite slowing down a fair amount. He was in consideration for me but he's no doubt a worthy vote getter.
  3. DylanZero

    Cutie Suzuki

    She was underrated, and while not a last second cut or anything I had her in the mix for awhile. I wouldn't really want to put her on my ballot ahead of so many names, but I have always enjoyed her babyface run and you could do a lot worse than voting for Cutie. Especially if you wrote a blurb and brought up her really fun Genesis/MD game.
  4. DylanZero

    A Few Initial Stats

    Just using this as a more general thread as was mentioned...I love so much that this list and this thread exists with all these cool stats. Would love to know the one guy who solely sent in a tag team list. I thought there'd be more personally.
  5. DylanZero

    All Time Favourite Feud, And Why?

    Also want to point out three more great picks from Elliott that I happily co-sign in the Santito feuds and Satanico/Dandy. The Satanico/Dandy brawls in particular in late 1990 are some of my favorite brawls ever. (should be obvious I love BP but I love all those guys in general)
  6. DylanZero

    All Time Favourite Feud, And Why?

    We have the exact same pick for the exact same reason. My first thought is Misawa/Jumbo but the fact that it never had a true conclusion the way Jumbo/Tenryu did and kinda just kept going after the climax of it on 6/8/90 makes me lean towards Tenryu/Jumbo as my true favorite Feud. 6/8/90 wasn't meant to be the climax. It was more like the first act turning point in a screenplay. I thought it was the best part for sure though. Climax might have been a miswording. More like the peak of their rivalry. (Not necessarily for pure match quality but just in terms of dramatics and the novelty of Misawa winning.)
  7. DylanZero

    2014 WON Year End Awards

    I think in general Segunda Caida's a great resource for Lucha (really any type, pretty sure I read a review for the Aja Kong/KAORU brawl from 2000 on there at some point) matches for everybody as a reference point. Really enjoy all you guys' various reviews and definitely helped me out earlier in the year when I was digging up some older stuff. Thanks y'all.
  8. DylanZero

    All Time Favourite Feud, And Why?

    We have the exact same pick for the exact same reason. My first thought is Misawa/Jumbo but the fact that it never had a true conclusion the way Jumbo/Tenryu did and kinda just kept going after the climax of it on 6/8/90 makes me lean towards Tenryu/Jumbo as my true favorite Feud.
  9. DylanZero

    2014 WON Year End Awards

    Very rough draft produced on my phone thanks to Hales plugging it on twitter. Turned out a bit differently than I thought it would after looking at everything. Will probably change a month from now or so but here's where I stand right now. (With somewhat shaky confidence knowing Zack gets so much love on mine.) Lou Thesz/Ric Flair Award (Wrestler of the Year) * 1. Rush 2. Hiroshi Tanahashi 3. AJ Styles Most Outstanding Wrestler * 1. Hechicero 2. Zack Sabre Jr. 3. Takashi Sugiura Best Box Office Draw * 1. Ultimo Guerrero 2. Atlantis 3. Rush Feud of the Year * 1. Rush v. Negro Casas 2. Rusev v. Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter 3. Dangan Yankees vs. TMDK Tag Team of the Year * 1. Dangan Yankees (Takashi Sugiura & Masato Tanaka) 2. The Usos 3. The Hardys Most Improved * 1. Atsushi Kotoge 2. Taiji Ishimori 3. Rusev Best on Interviews * 1. Konnan 2. Dario Cueto 3. Ethan Carter III Most Charismatic * 1. Rush 2. Negro Casas 3. Rockstar Spud Best Technical Wrestler * 1. Hechicero 2. Zack Sabre Jr. 3. Timothy Thatcher Bruiser Brody Memorial Award (Best Brawler) * 1. Rush 2. Negro Casas 3. Takashi Sugiura Best Flying Wrestler * 1. Aerostar 2. Dragon Lee 3. Taiji Ishimori Most Overrated * 1. Bullet Club 2. Kane 3. Diamante Azul Most Underrated * 1. Justin Gabriel 2. Tomoaki Honma 3. Koji Kanemoto Promotion of the Year * 1. CMLL 2. NJPW 3. Evolve/WWNLive Best Weekly Television Show * 1. CMLL on Fox D 2. NXT 3. ROH Match of the Year * 1. Ultimo Guerrero v. Atlantis - CMLL 9/19 2. Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Takashi Sugiura - 11/8 NOAH 3. Timothy Thatcher v. Zack Sabre Jr. 9/13 Evolve Rookie of the Year * 1. Hechicero 2. Cachorro 3. Timothy Thatcher Best Non-Wrestler * 1. Bruce Tharpe 2. Zeb Colter 3. Konnan Best Television Announcer * 1. Hugo Savinovich 2. Shinpei Nogami 3. Renee Young Worst Television Announcer * 1. JBL 2. Taz 3. Michael Cole Best Major Show * 1. CMLL Anniversario 81 2. G1 Night Seven 3. G1 Night Four Class B Awards Worst Major Wrestling Show 1. TNA Sacrifice 2. WWE Royal Rumble 3. TNA Lockdown Best Wrestling Maneuver 1. Corner Dropkick (Rush) 2. Titanics - Handspring back flip into a victory roll (Titán) 3. Arcoiris de Io - Package German suplex transitioned into a leg clutch hold (Io Shirai) Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic 1. Bullet Club's nWo ripoff gimmick getting pushed 2. DJ Hyde booking blowjob stipulations at CZW shows 3. Chikara's "Revival" taking over National Pro Wrestling Day Worst Television Show 1. Smackdown 2. Raw 3. Impact Wrestling Worst Worked Match of the Year 1. Big Daddy Yum Yum vs Satoshi Kojima - NJPW New Beginning, February 9th 2. Naomi vs Cameron - Raw, September 15th 3. Sam Shaw vs Ken Anderson (Committed Match) - TNA Sacrifice, April 27th Worst Feud of the Year 1. Sam Shaw vs Ken Anderson 2. Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella 3. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins Worst Promotion of the Year 1. TNA 2. WWE 3. Wrestle-1 Best Booker 1. Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH) 2. Glen Joseph (PROGRESS) 3. Dusty Rhodes (NXT) Promoter of the Year 1. Paco Alonso 2. Naoki Sugabayashi 3. Dorian Roldan Best Gimmick 1. Rush (Asshole) 2. Kenou (P.Y. Chu-Hi tribute) 3. Tyson Kidd (Neglectful Husband) Worst Gimmick 1. The Bunny (Rapist Furry) 2. Bullet Club (nWo Ripoff) 3. Adam Rose (Party Guy) Best Pro Wrestling Book 1. - 2. - 3. - Best Pro Wrestling DVD 1. - 2. - 3. -
  10. DylanZero

    Davey Richards

    I think that's all any reasonable person could ask for from this candidate. I'm with you.
  11. Said this on twitter when this was brought up, but I'm leaning Rush pretty strongly. Is a proven draw this year, is as good and universally respected for his in-ring work as pretty much anyone on this card besides maybe Hechicero and Casas. Tanahashi's draw a few days ago and win puts him firmly as the #1 for NJPW guys for me this year and probably my working #2 overall. Everyone else will probably need something big to win me over for this year.
  12. DylanZero

    Ultimate Warrior

    While I do think it was definitely brave to nominate Warrior and also very nice to actually say why rather than just to be vague, I kind of agree with what Matt D said earlier. I feel like there are at least 100 people nominated that are clearly better than Warrior purely in terms of in-ring careers regardless of criteria and I'd be surprised if you thought otherwise by 2016. I'd love to see your thoughts on some of these other guys, Marv. Personally count me among the haters for this guy. Not personally or anything, he didn't seem that much worse than a bunch of other guys, and even have a certain soft spot for his schtick, just not in the ring for all the reasons said a gillion times.
  13. DylanZero

    Ikuto Hidaka

    Since I nominated him (special thanks to dawho for doing the heavy lifting on dealing out the reviews) he was a guy I wanted to take a hard look at right away, I definitely thought he deserved a look considering how many weak candidates have been nominated thus far. I watched a fair amount of matches from the first half of the 00s of his, many of which were the MPro tags with Togo. Sadly, Top 100 looked further away than before. Not because he was bad by any means. Actually thought he was quite good, especially in stuff like the Trios w/Togo/TAKA vs Fleisch/Curry/Shinzaki (And yes, that is perhaps the most random group of wrestlers ever thrown into a 3 Man team) and the like where he got chances to shine, but usually I felt he got a bit overshadowed by Togo and felt more like a cog in the machine of a good-great match or a "good hand" rather than stealing the show. There's still a ways to go though and my favorites thus far have been his singles matches and that will likely be where his case rests, but that's more speculation at this point. Really liked his matches vs. Tiger Mask 4 in 2002, and it's pretty great that he did a good job of simple things in selling as well as in that match some good timing in his heel spots on TM, will need to see more but I've liked what I saw thus far. Will need some of his bigger matches to deliver I will say. Still have to get to some of the BattlArts stuff and some of his later work (Heard good things about an all DANGAN Yankees tag teaming with Fujita Hayato vs Tanaka/Sugiura that happened two weeks ago that I look forward to) in addition to ECW which was a god point to bring up by Jetlag. Here's a good place to start in terms of just of a timeline. A pre-ECW match in BJW. for the Jr. Title no less vs Tajiri where he definitely holds his own. Thought this would appeal to some folks here and some who just kinda lump him with other, lesser workers here and I actually think this could easily be counted as a hidden gem, really loved this match a lot and for Hidaka alone, holy crap was he good for a guy that had barely been going a year. Did a lot right though got a little rushed during the final part of the match but still a well above average.
  14. DylanZero

    Yoshihiro Takayama

    I actually liked his NO FEAR run (But I'm also one of Omori's bigger supporters as well.) too even though there wasn't a lot of classics or anything. There were many great performances in Takayama's singles runs, also another point in his favor is that he has a lot of good in a lot of very different and companies and styles. Really such a fine wrestler in his younger days out of the all people nominated so far I would say a vote for Takayama is simply a vote for fun.
  15. DylanZero

    Daisuke Sekimoto

    The '01 match with Otani and the '06 tag vs Sasaki/Nakajima were the exact two matches I was thinking of when I said "above average". And we're still looking at maybe a dozen matches over a decade. The stuff from wXw I'm very excited about watching though.