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Impact and Primetime Special Spoilers

Mad Dog

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In matches taped for this Saturday's Impact:


*Abyss pinned Lance Hoyt with the Black Hole Slam in an entertaining bout. The lights went out and when they returned, Sabu was in the ring with his arm wrapped in barbed wire challenging Abyss, who was holding his bag of thumbtacks. Jim Mitchell pulled Abyss from the ring.


*The Naturals beat Beat Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermaine. In a scary moment, Chase Stevens landed on the top of his head while flipping over after failing a famouser. He seemed out of it but kicked out. He was woozy enough that they did an improv finish after The Naturals didn't set up the Natural Disaster properly. Stevens walked out under his own power.


*TNA X-Division champion AJ Styles & Sonjay Dutt defeated Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley. Monster pop for Styles. Scott D'Amore and Petey Williams came to the commentator table screaming about Williams winning the PPV Ultimate X fairly and being forced into a rematch on the special. Strong hit some insane backbreaker innovations on Dutt. Huge pop for the hot tag to Styles. Styles Clash on Strong for the pin. Another really good match. Strong "That was awesome" after all four had left the Arena.


*NWA Tag Team champs America's Most Wanted defeated 3 Live Kru's Ron Killings & BG James. Crowd chanted "P****ycat" at Chris Harris. Killings did a flip dive onto AMW on the floor. Konnan thwarted Gail Kim's interference. Scott D'Amore tried to hit James with a hockey stick. Kip James stopped him and gave the stick to James. James was about to use it but Storm grabbed it. Harris hit a superkick to pin James.


*Team 3-D arrived in a truck and entered the building with Brother Ray saying, "Let's take care of business." to Devon.


*Team 3-D interview in the ring. Brother Ray cut a promo saying AMW was their new favorite team because they did what no one in 4 years of ECW and 6 years of WWE - put them on the shelf. He said their mistake was leaving them for dead without killing them.


Ray said that they know every person who was at their "funeral" and cut a promo on them. It was a hell of a promo. They announced Rhino & 3-D vs. AMW & Jeff Jarett at Genesis. Devon challenged Team Canada to face them on the primetime special.


Scott D'Amore. Bobby Rude & Eric Young came out. They distracted 3-D and jumped them. 3 Live Kru made the save for a big brawl as they go off the air. They hit 3-D on Young. They grabbed D'Amore but Jarrett and AMW hit the ring. Rhino made the save. Jarrett and his cronies powdered out after a short brawl.


Another good segment. This Saturday's Impact is a really fun show.



TNA Impact 2 hour special for 11/3:


*Lance Hoyt & Jeff Hardy & Sabu beat The Diamonds in The Rough. Crowd is big time into Sabu. Hardy hit the swanton on Young after a quick flurry. Abyss hit the ring and nailed Sabu with the Black Hole Slam. Hoyt and Hardy clotheslined him out of the ring. OK opener.


*Monty Brown pinned Brian Gamble with two Pounces. Gamble either did an awesome job selling or was legit out on his feet after the first as Brown drilled him hard. Gamble was carried out as Jeremy Borash quipped, "Gamble was 26."


*Christopher Daniels & Alex Shelley & Samoa Joe lost to Austin Aries & Sonjay Dutt & X-Division champ AJ Styles - Great stuff here. They teased dissension with Joe and Daniels blind tagging each other while on the offensive. The faces had triple submissions on the heels at one point which got a TNA chant. Daniels accidentally struck Joe. Joe returned the favor. Styles got the Clash on Shelley for the win. This was bell to bell great stuff all around. You'll want to go out of your way to see this.


*At some point, they will splice the Ultimate X match into the special


*Team 3-D defeated Team Canada's Eric Young & Bobby Rude - The fans sang the Star Spangled Banner to taunt Team Canada. Young did a great job as the runt of the team with his personality coming through. 3D went for the wazzup headbutt but Rude shoved Devon off the ropes. They got a lot of heat on Devon as Ray was screaming for him to fight them off. Devon came back with a double clothesline. He made the hot tag. They called for 3D on Young. A1 went to use the hockey stick but 3 Live Kru stopped him. They hit the 3D for the win. Good bout. The fans saluted 3D with an ECW chant as they left the ring.


*NWA champion Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett - Rhino went for the gore after a press slam but Jarrett powdered out. They brawled through the crowd. Rhino slammed Jarrett's head into a chair held by a fan. Tommy Dreamer would be proud. Rhino slammed him into the announcing table then pulled a table from under the ring. An ECW chant started but was drowned out by a TNA chant. Rhino went for a piledriver off the ropes but Gail Kim came down. Rhino took a nasty bump to the floor. Jarrett took control. He tried to wear down Rhino with a bear hug. Crowd chanted loudly for Rhino who made his comeback with a Samoan Drop. He nailed Jarrett with a shoulder tackle but Jeff took him down as he charged towards the corner. Jarrett cinched in the figure four. Rhino reversed. Gail Kim went for a flying legdrop but missed. Rhino pressed her for a slam but Jarrett rolled him up for a two count. Jarrett tried for another pin but the ref caught him putting his feet on the ropes. Rhino hit a sit out powerbomb for a two. He missed the gore. The ref went down to a accidental clothesline. Jarett missed with a guitar shot and Rhino hit the gore. No ref to count the pinfall. AMW came down. Rhino grabbed the guitar and swung but missed. Jarrett lowblowed Rhino. AMW hit the Death Sentence on Rhino thru a table on the floor. Jarrett hit the stroke and scored the pin.


Your winner and new NWA champ, again, Jeff Jarrett. They showed a shot of a bloodied Team 3-D backstage. The crowd chanted "F*** you Jarrett" and booed.

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Guest WidowsPeak

I think giving the belt back to Jarrett was the right move for them.  They have better options match wise with him as champ than they do with Rhino.  Jarrett vs. Raven and Jarrett vs. Brown could do well for them.

And TNA gets to continue its planned main event/world title storyline that was sidetracked with the Nash situation.


The title change should come as no surprise to fans.

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It's all so WWE-ish to me.

Agreed. If they felt that they needed to give the fans a title change to make them feel they got their money's worth, wouldn't staying consistent with that by giving them a title change that actually has a *long term affect on the promotion's booking* be part of that package?
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By hotshotting the belt back to Jeff Jarrett, TNA has shown me quite a few things.


(1) They have no concept of the difference between TV and PPV. The same match that headlines a pay-per-view, surprise or not, should not be shown on TV. It just makes the fans feel foolish for bothering to pay money for their shows in the long run.


(2) They are oblivious to the constant hotshotting for attention and rushed decision-making that has caused many promotions to go under or lose popularity in the past.


(3) They have no idea where they want to go next, so they go to their standby champ to buy time until they can work something out. Going on Spike without a gameplan is silly. Really, what babyface are they building up to take the belt off of Jarrett? Everyone makes suggestions on everyone from Monty Brown to Raven to Samoa Joe, but the fact that it isn't obvious who specifically they're booking to be the one standout guy above the rest is a weakness in their booking. Think back to Hogan/Sting. Everyone knew Sting would be the guy to end Hogan's run, it was just a matter of getting him in the ring and making it happen.


(4) They see Jeff Jarrett as a bigger asset to the company and a bigger star than Raven, despite Raven having more relevance in the current scene and actually being over with the audience.


(5) They don't care what their fans think. If they did, Jeff Jarrett wouldn't even be in the picture.


TNA's got a lot of work to do.

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I can see why they did it but it was a bad idea. You can't really go anywhere with Rhino as champion right now. The two big canidates right now are Raven and Monty Brown and they have to beat Jarrett for the title for the storylines to properly pay off.


People on other boards will whine about this but Rhino dropping the belt to them wouldn't have the same effect. But if Monty Brown does earn the title shot for the December PPV HE HAS TO WIN. I don't care if he's not ready they need to pull the trigger on the guy.

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Guest TheShawshankRudotion

They really gotta let things breathe. Rhino having the title for such a short period of time leaves no effect whatsoever with the audience. I didn't expect him to have it for a long time, but they seem to be thinking too much inside the box where "Oh, well, the heels have to have the gold and the faces have to be chasing". Having Rhino win at BFG set up so many places to go, there was potential there. What they're doing now is just the basic heel/face structure that we get all the time in the WWE. They just laid out the path for everyone to see and it's boring.

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11/12 tapings:



iMPACT! opened with Monty Brown coming out. He ranted about how he deserved a title shot which led to Abyss and James Mitchell coming out. The two argued over who deserved a title shot. Then out came Jeff Hardy. The 3 men brawled but were then broken up by security.


Christopher Daniels defeated Jerrelle Clark. Good, fast paced, opening match. This match had some of the basic Clark and Daniel's moves. The crowd was into this one. Daniels won with the Angel's Wings.


Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries. Christopher Daniels came out for commentary during this one. Awesome match but was too short. This match was only about 4 minutes long. This was another fast paced match with some technical stuff and a little bit of submission stuff. Joe won with the muscle buster, which led to Aries tapping out to the Katita Clutch.


Jeremy Borash then announced that at Genesis there will be an 4 way tag team X-Division match. I don't remember the name but the match will consist of 4 tag teams facing each other.


Kip James defeated Lex Lovett. This was the shortest match of the night. I'll be surprised if this one made it the 2 minute mark. Quick bout with the usual series of punches, kicks, irish whips, and a few drop kicks and suplexes here and there. The crowd wasn't into this one at all. James defeated Lovett after the "Famasser."


Petey Williams defeated AJ Styles in a Styles Clash vs. Canadian Destroyer Match. Borash announced that the only way you could win is it either opponent used their finishing move. This was a good 8 minute match. Few funny spots with D'Amore, who got nailed by the pele kick. These two can really please the crowd as everyone was standing. Petey won with the Canadian Destroyer.


Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted defeated Chris Sabin, Lance Hoyt & Jeff Hardy. This was a fun match. The crowd was hot during this entire match. Jarrett got major heat. A few violet "F*ck You's" but it seemed as if he was expecting it. A lot of "Pussycat" chants at Harris during the match. We saw some highflying stuff from Sabin and Hardy. And Hoyt hit a nice dive onto AMW on the outside. Jarrett pinned Sabin to win the match.


After the match Jarrett and AMW beat up on the other 3. Rhino came blasting out with a chair and cleaned house. As Jarrett and AMW were backing up onto the ramp, Team 3D came out from behind them and kicked @$$. They cut rolling as Sabin, Hoyt and Hardy celebrated with Team 3D. Rhino went backstage but everyone else stayed out. Sabin, Hoyt and Hardy gave high-fives to everyone around the ring. Devon jumped out with the crowd and hung with our crowd next to the face ramp. Brother Ray threw his wrist tape out to a little kid next to me, it seems as if these guys are really trying to attract a younger audience.




Christopher Daniels defeated Matt Bentley with a roll up.


Chris Sabin & Shark Boy defeated Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong


3 Live Kru defeated Diamonds In The Rough



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