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[1996-04-03-GAEA-Square Jungle] Sonoko Kato vs Toshie Uematsu

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Nothing to say about this--just some good quick action before a time limit draw. As mid-card-ish as it gets. Or...wait, now it restarts. In the second fall (??) Uematsu does some really good, vicious work over Kato's taped-up shoulder, then when she locks on the cross armbreaker the bell rings again. And we restart again, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I guess this is a match with rounds. Uematsu gets in another flurry, the bell rings one last time and that's it. The rules took me out of the match, but Uematsu was really spirited and fun, throwing all kinds of cool roll-ups along with the submissions, and breaking down emotionally when she can't put Kato away at the end. Kato...well, she was there. I feel like I'm back watching the 1990 Yearbook, having to be re-introduced to joshi all over again, with all the new faces GAEA is featuring.

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