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[1996-11-16-GAEA-Big Target] Mayumi Ozaki & Sugar Sato vs Reiko Amano & Chikayo Nagashima

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Oz Academy explodes! Even though this is joshi and rules generally don't matter and people like Toyota use chairs and tables frequently, you still get the sense that Ozaki & Sato are finally getting a taste of their own medicine when their opponents use similar heel tactics on them. Oz is just awesome, plain and simple--she has a perpetual sick grin on her face, even when she's beating beaten up--and yet it doesn't feel like she's no-selling, it just feels like Oz being Oz, keeping a stiff upper lip and all that. She also has perfect timing on when to stand tall and shrug off her opponent's offense and when to sell--basically Amano & Nagashima have the advantage if they double-team or surprise her from behind, but rarely otherwise. Sato gets to show off some personality of her own as well, and Nagashima busts out a sort-of top-rope Van Daminator that looks way cool. Quite a bit of ECW influence here, which is well-done even if some may roll their eyes at it. I wouldn't really call this a high-end match by worldwide or GAEA standards, but Ozaki is entering that zone for me where I pretty much want to watch everything of hers on tape.

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