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[2011-05-28-PWG-All Star Weekend] Young Bucks vs Austin Aries & Roderick Strong


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This is probably the best YB match I've seen so far, because, they don't go spot-crazy. Aries and Strong work them over and they do a good job selling the puishment, and then when it's their turn, they keep things simple. Some might not like the hundred back and chest rakes, but, they made it work, and Nick mocking Aries was amusing and they were good at keeping Aries from making the save. After Strong tags out, he and Aries are back in control and it seems more and more like they're going to win the titles, especially after Aries pushing Nick off the top rope and they have Matt all to themselves, but, Matt doesn't stay down. He blow anything off, he takes the abuse and barely kicks outs The finish comes down to Matt outsmarting, and out wrestling Strong, when he counters his backbreaker attempt into a crucifix and steals the win. As much as the Bucks have annoyed me while watching their PWG work, and made me scoff at hearing them being called the best team in the world, they finally showed me something here.


Edit: In fact, the only real exposing part of the match was when Nick when for the Last Chancery and Strong put him in the Stronghold, and that was only because Nick had to slow things down, because Roddy wasn't ready.

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Really good match.


Much like the Bucks match with Steen and Tozawa, they open on a brawl. They end up in the restrooms, like an old style ECW match. They do a nice job of keeping the intensity high once they get back to the ring. I quite liked the back and chest rakes - showed the dickishness of the Bucks and got some heat. Aries turning it around after the hot tag was fun too (spreading of - really liked the spot that led to the tag with the Bucks getting a little too cute and then crossed up). Love that they're calling Matt's leaping ace crusher the "Finisher on TV." Good finish, too, as the reversal finish came out of a series, as opposed to being a random roll up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2011-05-28-PWG-All Star Weekend] Young Bucks vs Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

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