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Squared Circle Gazette Radio #29 - The Monday Night War in 1996 (Part 1)


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After a two week absence due to internet issues, we are back for the much requested second part of our History of The Monday Night War series, as we run through the first six months of 1996. Complete with detailed notes from Wrestling Observer Newsletters of the time, the panel timeline from January to the end of June, and discuss all the key talking points and take your feedback, talking Billionaire Ted, Vader, Hogan and Friends, Brian Pillman, Shawn Michaels' Mania victory, Eric Bischoff's brass balls, the debut of the Outsiders, the Ultimate Warrior, and much much more. A really fun show, check it out!


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Thanks for the kind words thus far - I will say I'd love to do these as a series one after the other, but the amount of research needed doesn't allow for a one week turnaround as we typically do. We have to edit a bit out of this timeline, and I'm starting to think it's more realistic to do three month periods per podcast after this to really let a lot of the notes breathe, since things only be getting more newsworthy week to week...

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I LOVED this show.....all the details were amazing....very interesting stuff....


really really lookin forward to the next installments....


Really Really interesting to see how immediately when people knew about Hall and Nash (after the first couple shows), the ratings started up quickly and WWF starting fading fast..


Really looking forward to hearing the weekly's from July 96 - April 98 and the backstage stuff with both companies as I want to know:


1. How bad it got for the WWF financially and with their talent?

2. When did WCW start to rest on their laurels and stop working so hard to stay ahead?

3. Did the WWF come close to closing down completely?

4. Why, as good as 1997 WWF was, did their ratings not move much, or make noise until late in the year / early 98?

5. At what point did WCW really start to panic and notice the WWF was coming or were they complacent the whole time, even during the WWF resurgence, due to getting WAY overconfident


LOTS more I'd like to hear..

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