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[1991-09-27-AJPW-October Giant Series] Toshiaki Kawada & Kenta Kobashi vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Akira Taue


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I'd never seen this match before and it had me popping like crazy. Kawada finally putting the bodyscissors sleeper on Jumbo, basically anything Kawada and Jumbo related in this match is great. Doesn't hurt that Kobashi is all kinds of fired up and wants a piece of both Taue and Jumbo. Kobashi's run of offense near the end on Jumbo and the payoff is off the charts great. Kawada's lariat on Jumbo to start that offense is sublime. I can't believe this match didn't end up getting all kinds of pimped for how great it is.

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Okay, I found this buried on Youtube in a playlist. Just type in the four wrestlers' names and the date and look around until you find it.


This was a bit of a novelty, as Misawa sends his number two and number three after Jumbo and Taue. The first half of this is actually worked like Jumbo and Taue are faces, as Kawada and Kobashi do a wonderful job controlling Taue and working on his neck. The second half is worked like a more traditional tag between the two sides, with Jumbo and company dishing out the punishment, particularly on Kobashi who ends up eating the fall. I particularly like Taue's use of the top rope for clotheslines, almost like it's a regular part of his offensive repertoire.


The spot where Kawada has Jumbo wrapped up in the bodyscissors sleeper on the inside while Kobashi is slowly putting Taue out the oid-fashioned way on the floor is another favorite of mine, and Taue's shocking return to break up the sleeper on Jumbo signals the beginning of the end for Kawada and Kobashi.


They must have had a lot planned for Kenta, because it takes two powerbombs from Jumbo to put him down for the count.


I don't exactly consider this one a "must see before you die", but it's a nicely done break from the same old same old in All-Japan.

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This feud, and as a result the promotion as a whole were really hot at this time. The main focus was building up to the Jumbo vs Kawada title bout next month, although all the individual matchups were fun. Four great wrestlers brought it and there was a lively crowd at the Korakuen. Had everything gone to plan this could've been top 20 for the year as there was a real buzz and energy to it. There were a few minor issues with move selection and repetition that made it low end top 50 on my list instead. A hearty recommendation.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-27-AJPW-October Giant Series] Toshiaki Kawada & Kenta Kobashi vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Akira Taue

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