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[1950-02-03-Kohler Chicago] Antonino Rocca vs Benito Gardini


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I don't know if I can post other matchs than the Fred Kohler's ones.


This match is the second match (and first on tape) of the biggest gate of 1950.

It took place at the Chicago Stadium.


It's more of an exhibition of Argentino's skills than a real match. I like how Gardini reacts at these unorthodox moves. And how can't you love the kicks on the head of the poor Gardini.


Also, the voice here is Dennis James. He is a lighter version of Russ Davis.

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Basically a squash for Rocca, but man is he fun to watch. He would've been a star in any era, with the only issue maybe being promos. Gardini takes all of Rocca's stuff well and has a funny moment where he tries to break a hold by biting his foot. Thanks for these contributions conker8.

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