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    The Highest Level of Stupid

    The Summer of Punk II somehow turning into a Nash/HHH feud...in 2011...with a ladder match blowoff.
  2. (BP)

    WWE TV 7/20 - 7/26

    Kofi's skip-clapping has been the best thing on the show so far.
  3. (BP)

    WWE Battleground... Tonight

    I was relieved when he had to resort to the nut shot since there's no conceivable way Taker can step to Brock at this point. The crowd even went with it for a second and started to boo, but it's The Undertaker so they popped for all of his spots.
  4. (BP)

    WWE Battleground... Tonight

    Well, they at least tried making Taker the heel. That's something.
  5. (BP)

    WWE Battleground... Tonight

    Brie's really lucky she didn't get hurt taking that bump off the apron.
  6. (BP)

    WWE Battleground... Tonight

    Everyone trades wins with Wyatt. They keep him strong so he can trade wins with other guys. I think of him as the reverse gatekeeper. When they need to derail someone from the top echelon/title picture, they stick them with Bray for months.
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    It was probably reasonable of him to assume he'd get a nice push as a legacy member of a new ECW. It's funny that he actually had his big run during the latter part of WWECW when it was nothing like the original promotion.
  8. (BP)

    Undertaker and Sting to work Summerslam

    I'm perfectly fine with one old timers match on every Summerslam/Mania as long as they are as batshit crazy as Sting/HHH.
  9. They tried to synchronize a bunch of departments under one umbrella but put someone disposable in charge in case it didn't work out.
  10. Vince is not afraid of ROH. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't relish having a company significant enough to fuck with after years of being, "the only show in town."
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    Aww come on, the HBK/Melina spot was fun! Can't wait for the December to Dismember recap. Hope you have a good Le quatorze juillet.
  12. (BP)

    Early Hall of Fame 2016 Predictions

    It's especially shitty behavior in the case of Blackjack since he's in very poor health.
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    2007 is pretty good. Vince as ECW champion is the last big hurrah for the Mr. McMahon character, and I thought it was a lot of fun. There's also WWE's final word ever on Benoit, which is interesting in a historical context. Punk's feuds with Morrison and Chavito are also a good time.
  14. (BP)

    Jackie Fargo

    The Fargo strut is one of my favorite things in wrestling. I'll have to look around for footage.
  15. (BP)


    I forgot about Chris Rock showing up. I'm pretty sure he was shooting something that was part of like five seconds of a montage in Head of State.