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  1. Antonino Rocca vs Benito Gardini (Kohler Chicago February 3, 1950; Chicago, IL) (Discuss)
  2. Lou Thesz vs Vic Christy (NWA Hollywood Late 1950s; Santa Monica, CA) (Discuss)
  3. Edouard Carpentier vs Mike Valentino (Details Unknown) 
  4. Bruno Sammartino vs Magnificent Maurice (Steel Belt Wrestling 1963; Buffalo, NY) (Discuss)
  5. Ricki Starr vs Karl Von Hess (CWC; Washington, DC) 
  6. Verne Gagne vs Butcher Boy Henning (Steel Belt Wrestling October 24, 1958; Buffalo, NY) (Discuss)
  7. Gene Stanlee vs Kola Kwariani (Kohler Chicago February 3, 1950; Chicago, IL) (Discuss)
  8. WWWF U.S. Title: Bobo Brazil (c) vs Johnny Barend (CWC July 9, 1963; Detroit, MI) (Discuss)
  9. Sam Steamboat vs Mike Sharpe (NWA Hollywood August 26, 1961; San Bernadino, CA) (Discuss)
  10. Great Scot & Antonino Rocca vs Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Hess (Details Unknown)

Bold matches are PWO recommended.

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