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[2015-02-22-WWE-Fastlane] John Cena vs Rusev


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I thought this was an awesome match. Cena was fine, but I thought he should have varied up his comeback a little more, since the crowd was with him until he slipped into his pattern, then they started booing. Hopefully, Cena will bust out something new at Wrestlemania to really put this match over the top, because as good as this was, I think these two could do even better. Rusev is just a tremendous worker. Great offense, with the DDT cutoff of Cena's AA attempt being my favorite spot of the match, but everything Rusev did just looking really crisp and painful. The match also had a really nice layout - kind of old school in how it built to Cena's comeback and how it was worked - and there was drama in a way that transcended just the moves. The AA kickout was a great false finish, and Rusev catching Cena coming off the top was great too. The camel clutch stuff had great drama, and Cena holding his breath so he would turn red was a great way to sell it. The low blow was perfect. I absolutely loved this, with the decisive finish being a cherry on top. ****1/4

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Glorified finishers match, but that's the power of protecting a monster heel and the other guy for a decade. They did everything to escape each other's finishers, then reached the ropes and kicked out for quality nearfalls. Cena broke the Camel Clutch, then moved Rusev's arm the second time, but Rusev kept locking it on. Frustrated by his greatest challenge to date, Rusev low-blowed Cena when Lana jumped on the apron, causing the face of the company to pass out in the Camel Clutch. Tremendous layout to lead to the obvious rematch at WrestleMania 31. This show is on a roll with its focused direction. ***1/2

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