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RAW vs. Smackdown question

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So I saw WrestleMania and was intrigued enough to the point where I would consider watching WWE again to see if they can build on what they did there. Back when I followed the product, RAW and Smackdown were almost separate entities with their own World titles and different rosters. I know that is a thing of the past now.


Here is my question...


Is Smackdown back to being a "B" level show that you really don't need to see in order to follow WWE?


Or does most of the angle advancement happen on RAW with more quality wrestling on Smackdown?


Or is there no difference between the two shows?


I get the impression RAW is still the flagship show and Smackdown is of less overall importance, but I'm not sure.


I was going to ask this in the general WWE thread but it got closed, so I ask here...


Opinions please?

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