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[2001-03-18-WCW-Greed] Rey Misterio Jr & Billy Kidman vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

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Rey Mysterio Jr & Kidman vs Primetime & Kid Romeo - WCW Greed WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship


It is so WCW to debut a brand new title on their last PPV! I was actually how shocked how much liked this. I have not seen Elix Skipper in forever and I have never seen a Kid Romeo match, but fuck I thought they were a fun little heel duo. I actually think Romeo would have been decent in TNA and maybe he was, but I missed it. WCW Greed felt really TNA-y, maybe it was inevitable if WCW continued we would have gotten the same shit as we did from TNA. Still, I think the weird endearing WCW booking would have carried on in a way TNA has never really captured. Onto the match, but this was actually a really good tag team match and I know tag team wrestling (listen to my podcast, Tag Teams Back Again, with Chief Jay Historian, Kelly Nelson on Place To Be Nation.com)! They did a great shine, worked a solid heat segment with nice hope spots and then had a hot finish stretch that went a bit too long. The shine was some really good shit from Kidman & Mysterio constantly keeping the action moving and keeping the crowd into it. I thought the highlights was Rey Mysterio guillotine leg drop and I love how Kidman holds Primetime there. I hate it as a single move like KENTA used it, but as a tag team move great spot and logical. I loved the hiptoss of Primetime onto Romeo from the stage and then the double dive onto them. Damn, they got me rocking right with them. The heel transition is Romeo hitting Kidman with a blind forearm while he was running the ropes. Love it! Kidman does a great job using stuff like Irish whip/clothesline combo to get early hope spots, but Primetime and Romeo know how to bend the rules. This is a really basic layout that was just modernized with some of the more high-flying moves, but everything was still sensible. The funniest fucking botch ever happens in this match as Primetime whiffs so bad on a forearm he falls down. I was rolling and then a fan gets on his case and he jaws with him, good shit. Kidman hits a nice spinebuster/powerbomb-y thing from the top and Rey comes in. Holy Shit! Rey looked fucking awesome here. Words don't do it justice watch it. Kidman says two can play that game and he hits a beautiful springboard Shooting Star Press to the floor. WOW! It should have been over sooner rather than later, but it kept going with diminishing returns with lots of nearfalls and weak saves. Rey hitting two powerbombs seems a bit ridiculous to me and I am a powerbomb mark. The actual finish was pretty sweet with Romeo catching Rey Rey on the quebrada attempt and dropping down with the Northern Lights Bomb. Romeo & Primetime dance afterwards! I love this team! Well now I am sad WCW ended because we did not get more Primetime/Romeo goodness. They stuck with the tried and true formula sprinkled in some great spots, solid heel work and Rey Rey is such an elite wrestler that he adds that little sumthin sumthin to matches like this. Probably the best match of WCW's last 18 months. ****

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