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Silver King vs. Emilio Charles Jr. is worth watching. Silver King vs. Apolo Dantes is, too, but it's not as good as the Charles match. Silver King/Gran Hamada/Texano vs. Negro Casas/Dr. Wagner Jr./Rambo got a ton of praise from the people who went through the match discussion archives, but I haven't seen it and it doesn't appear to be online.


I remember thinking that Silver King was one of the better guys in 1994 CMLL. He's not a classic luchador, but CMLL was pretty dreary in 1994 and he was one of the most exciting guys they had. The only match online I can point to off the top of my head is Silver King/Ultimo Dragon/El Dandy vs. Javier Llanes/Emilio Charles Jr./Pierroth Jr.

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There’s so much footage from his initial CMLL run that I don’t know what to think of that run yet, but when just looking at his 94 and comparing him to his stablemates, I don’t think he surpassed Dandy or Texano. The same quick, athletic style that King is working in 94, Texano is doing but only better, and no way does King have anything in his career as good as the Dandy/Llanes match from 94. The Charles and Dantes single matches are good, but they both were just as responsible for the quality in those as King.

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