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TNA Impact Spoilers~!


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This is a recap of the Spike TV/TNA Wrestling Impact tapings. Today we will see the Impact debuts of Jackie Gayda, Shannon Moore and “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage. As usual the crowd size was down after the PPV, plus Universal parks close earlier this time of year. Lots of the wrestlers were here but not used during either hour of Impact. There will be another taping on November 29th.




Not sure if the first match below was for Impact, Xplosion or just a dark match:




“The Future” Chris Sabin defeated the debuting Shannon Moore.


Both men began by working the others arm and wrist but Moore fled to the floor when Sabin cocked a right hand for a punch. Moore came back and got a caught by a side headlock and a dropkick to the chest and back of the neck. The Pit chanted “let’s go Three Count” as Moore went for a German suplex but Sabin countered, right into a Moore delivered Hot Shot. Moore took Sabin to the mat with a back stretch. Sabin fought to his feet, hit a spinning kick to the gut but Moore saw his cross body block and dropped Sabin into a gutbuster. Moore locked in a half crab but Sabin made the ropes. Sabin and Moore traded offense again but Moore was closer to a win hitting a modified backbreaker for two. After telling Sabin he was the Prince of Punk, Moore went for a corner splash but Sabin moved and hit the Cradle Shock to win the match.




Before Impact began, Jeremy Borash told the fans Christopher Daniels suffered a grade three concussion at the hands of Samoa Joe.




TNA Impact to air Saturday November 19, 2005 on Spike TV.




(1) “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe defeated “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark (sporting new trunks.)


After nearly ending “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels wrestling career at Genesis, Samoa Joe tried to do the same to Jerrelle Clark. Joe brought the bloody towel from Genesis with him to ringside. Joe laid in several vicious kicks, a running knee to the face and a facewash that was followed by the Ole’ kick. Joe went for the knees a second time but Clark got a boot up, only to be powerslammed and nearly kicked out of the building. Joe hit the Muscle Buster followed the Kokina Clutch to win the match. As Joe enjoyed his win AJ Styles appeared on the screens. He told Joe he wasn’t the X Division and Joe violated an unwritten code among the X Division wrestlers. Styles said he was issuing a challenge to face Joe at Turning Point to end Joe’s winning streak.




Back from commercial Mike Tenay and Don West spoke to the home audience about Turning Point and the AJ Styles challenge to Joe. Plus they mentioned the Abyss/Sabu match where barbwire would be all around the building. We are awaiting word on Jeff Jarrett as he and Gail Kim crashed the party demanding an answer. Tenay told Jarrett that Larry Zbyszko was on a conference call with the championship committee about whom his opponent would be.




(2) NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris) defeated Sonny Siaki and Apolo.


AMW still looked like they were recuperating from the PPV brawl as Siaki and Apolo hit double armdrags before AMW went to the floor to regroup, also because TV went to commercial. Siaki fought with Storm but Storm tossed Siaki to the ring guard rails and that left Apolo alone to be double teamed by AMW. This offense didn’t last long as Apolo tagged out to Siaki. All four men brawled but Storm went over the top rope and landed on the floor. While he was on the floor Storm got his beer bottle and knocked it on Apolo’’s head. While Rudy Charles argued with Storm, Harris got his handcuffs and punched Siaki in the head. With Apolo on the floor, AMW hit the Death Sentence to win the match. Afterwards AMW got a table and spray painted 3D on it. Just as they prepared to hit Siaki with the Death Sentence through the table, Team 3D hit the ring. No shock AMW ran out of the ring Ray told the fan that at Turning Point Team 3D would be facing AMW in a tag team table’s match. They folded up the table AMW used and tossed out onto the rampway.




Shane Douglas, Jarrett and Gail Kim stood outside Zybszko’s office. Jarrett told Kim to call Larry on the cell phone. Back from commercial Shane Douglas spoke to 3 Live Kru. However Konnan, BG James and Ron Killings argued about an idea BG James had about a new plan for 3LK.






(3) Rhino defeated Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)


Abyss didn’t like the crowd chanting Rhino’s name and moved in with punches to the head but they had little effect as Rhino fired with punches. Abyss threw Rhino in for an Irish whip but Rhino blocked the backdrop and hip toss. Abyss went to the floor so Rhino followed him over the top rope. Rhino took the action back to the ring with a body scissor. Once Abyss got to his feet he was clotheslined to the floor. Mitchell tried to hit rhino with his walking stick but Rhino was ready. As Rhino went for the GORE, Abyss grabbed Rhino’s legs and crotched him on the ring post. Both men threw punches but Abyss had more pop in his. Abyss went for a neckvise but Rhino refused to submit. Rhino got to his feet and hit a clothesline and a shoulder tackle to the corner but Abyss knocked him to the mat again with a boot to the face. Rhino repaid the boot with a Spinebuster. As Abyss tried to fix his mask, Rhino got a table from under the ring and set it up in a corner. Both men tried to corner whip the other into the table but Abyss ended up sending Rhino into another corner. Abyss went for the chokeslam but Rhino blocked and hit a belly to belly suplex followed by the GORE into the table, but Abyss was not anywhere close. The lights went out as Abyss had Rhino up for Shock Treatment and Sabu appeared ringside with the barbwire chair. Rhino hit the GORE to win the match.




On speakers only in the soundstage Larry Zybzsko and Jeff Jarrett spoke. It looks like Jarrett will face Rhino at Turning Point. Jarrett said he would rather face Raven or Monty Brown. Gail Kim told Larry he was on thin ice.




The Peep’s favorite ring music played and Christian Cage hit the ring. “Captain Charisma” said he seemed to ruffle some feathers with his in ring comments at Genesis. He reminded people he was in TNA because it was the place to be to gain the respect he deserved. Mostly he came for the NWA World title and if anyone had a problem because “that’s how he rolled”. Out came number 1 contender Monty Brown to verbally face off with Cage. Brown told Cage “Dorothy you’re not up north anymore.” He told him he was welcome on the Serengeti as the Pit chanted “Peep Show.” Brown said Cage hasn’t proved anything to him but he did have some good fashion tips for Jeff Jarrett. Brown offered some fashion advice for Cage before telling Cage he has rolled over everyone TNA put in front of him. Brown said there was no way Cage was going to leapfrog over Brown to the title shot. Cage mocked Brown’s desire to POUNCE on men. Cage said Brown was afraid of losing his spot and he should be. Brown answered by decking Cage and the fighting began. After throwing some punches Cage felt the POUNCE!!!




TNA Impact to air Saturday November 26th




3 Live Kru (Konnan, BG James and Ron “the Truth” Killings) with Kip James came to the ring as the Pit chanted New Age Outlaws. BG thanked TNA for allowing 3LK to air their dirty laundry. BG spoke to Konnan and Killings about the history of the 3LK. BG said why didn’t Konnan and Killings still had issues with Kip James. Killings said 3LK was like fighting cousins. BG spoke of his love for 3LK and Kip James. Konnan ripped Kip James “interesting” past of latching onto people. BG James said Kip doesn’t speak Spanish and can’t understand a thing. BG James said he needed a vote from Killings and Konnan as to if Kip was in or out of 3LK. Killings said he didn’t doubt BG and he said yes to BG James. Konnan got in BG’s face before answering in a positive choice for Kip James being down with 3LK. BG called the group the 4 Live Kru AKA the Family. Kip James mooned the Pit as Killings danced around the ring.




(1) “NWA World X Division champion “Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated “The Future” Chris Sabin.


Both men began feeling the other out with armbar takedowns and head scissors but neither man gained control, until Styles hit Sabin with a matrix style dropkick and a backbreaker for two. Styles locked in what looked like an Indian Death Lock with a bridge to Sabin’s chin. Styles went for a corner splash but Sabin hit a spin kick to the stomach. Styles escaped a running power bomb but didn’t avoid a dropkick to the face from Sabin. Sabin took Styles to the mat with a body stretch, looking like a crossface but Styles made it to the ropes. Both men laid in the forearms to the chin and chops to the chest before both men went for and missed dropkicks. Styles hit the flip into the inverted DDT but got two. Samoa Joe came onto the heel entry ramp as Sabin hit a running sitout power bomb for two. Styles escaped the Cradle Shock but had to fight Sabin to hit the Styles Clash for the win. Styles and Joe had a stare down.




Shane Douglas followed Larry Zybzsko to a Cassidy Riley was behind the wheel of an SVU. Larry Zybzsko spoke to Raven about a House of Fun match booked for next week’s Impact. They filmed the opening of hour two of Impact.




(2) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated Elvis? (It said Elvis on the tights. JB didn’t announce his name)


Like another Brown match I have seen here it was over before it began as Brown hit the POUNCE to win. The Pit called for another one as Brown talked to Christian Cage through the TV camera.




Shane Douglas spoke to Christian Cage about Monty Brown taking him out last week. Cage told Douglas he just got a match signed for the PPV with Brown. Gail Kim spoke to Cage about his decision to join TNA just like she did. But Kim said Cage should have accepted Jeff Jarrett and Scott D’amore’s offer as AMW came out to talk. Storm said Cage was never going to get near Jarrett title, telling Cage he was “Sorry bout his damn luck.”




(3) “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)


These two men have taken each other to the limits of pain and then some. Hardy clotheslined Abyss to the floor but Abyss caught Hardy as he went for a bodyblock. Abyss put Hardy into the ring post back first, then the guard rails face first. Back in the ring Abyss hit a corner splash and several punches. Hardy avoided Abyss who ended up giving himself a Bronco Buster on the corner. Hardy fired back with that top corner kick to the face but missed the Swanton. Abyss got a chair as the lights went out. When they came on again Sabu was ringside with the barbwire chair, spooking Abyss out of his boots. Hardy hit Abyss with the chair and won with the Twist of Fate. After the match Sabu taunted Abyss with the barbwire chair but Abyss escaped the ring with no damage.




(4) NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett (w/Gail Kim) defeated 4 Live Kru member Kip James (w/the rest of 4LK who were removed from ringside before the bell)


At the bell (which came after e break) Jarrett jumped Kip and tossed him to the floor. Jarrett used a chair on Kip’s head and gut. Jarrett hit Kip with a clothesline over the guard rail into the crowd. Jarrett tossed Kip into the wall before coming back over the railing and FINALLY into the ring. Jarrett hit the Big Boss Man legdrop to the neck as Kip laid on the second rope throat first, followed by a punch. Jarrett taunted the fans before missing the legdrop. Kip hit a tilt-a-whirl slam. Kip blocked punches and hit Jarrett with some. Kip hit a splash but Jarrett avoided the Famouser. From the rampway came Jackie Gayda! Gayda went right after Gail Kim but Jarrett stepped in front of her, smacking her. Gayda smacked Jarrett and a fight broke out between Kim and Gayda. Kip took Jarrett back to the ring and hit the Famouser which Jarrett kicked out of. As Rudy Charles ordered Kim and Gayda way from the ring,. Bobby Roode hit Kip in the back with a hockey stick. Jarrett hit the Stroke to win. 4LK hit the ring to fight with Jarrett and Roode. The rest of Team Canada hit the ring to even things up. Next to the ring was Christian Cage who evened things up somehow. 4LK held up four fingers (I smell lawsuit.)




As they prepared for Xplosion Kip James said he had two words for Canada SUCK IT!!! The fans chanted EDDIE again. Christian told the crowd they were the hottest crowd he has been in front of. Cage decided he didn’t have friends so he would kiss the ass of 4LK. Konnan gave his “Viva la Raza” speech in tribute to Eddie Guerrero.




For TNA Xplosion:




(1)Shark Boy and Matt Bentley (w/Traci Brooks) defeated The Beasts of Vermin? (Elvis and Sinn, yes the Sinn who used to work for TNA when the PPV’s were weekly.) After the match Bentley joined the Pit in “the Bentley Bounce.”




(2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens an Andy Douglas) and Lance Hoyt defeated The Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, “Primetime” Elix Skipper and David Young) after hitting Skipper with a three man Natural Disaster.




Announced matches for Tuning Point December 11th


***NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino


***In a Tag Team Table’s match, NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris) vs. Team 3D (Brothers Ray and Devon)


***In a Barb Wire match, Sabu vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)


***NWA World X Division champion “Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe


*** “Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage



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Christian vs. Brown feud at this very moment would be only good if they are gonna feed Christian to Brown. Problem is, this isn't the way the two should be if they are doing that, which would likely mean Christian will defeat Brown and move onto the World title... And if Brown takes a loss now, it might blow his momentum, unless he blames Jarrett for the loss because he wasn't there to back him up.


...I can't really see this being any good unless Christian beating Brown sets up a triple threat of Christian vs. Brown vs. Jarrett that leads into a Christian vs Brown feud over the World title.


And even then, yeah its still not as great as slow building Christian.

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I do agree that it's too soon for that feud. I would have thought ahead and made Christian/Brown a feud that's built all year long in 2006, and billed as Brown's toughest challenge as a champion after he defeats Jarrett. The match shouldn't even happen until summer at the earliest. Problem with TNA is that almost everyone is a babyface, though.

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