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Ric Flair & Arn Anderson

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Arn Anderson & Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes & Ron Garvin: NWA Worldwide 1986


Enjoyable sprint helped by a hot crowd and David Crockett losing his god forsaken MIND. This match basically had no heat segment to speak of as the faces just pinball Flair around as he stooges and flops like a mug. The match never pauses to catch its breath which is a slight shame as Arn is great at working heat but this is just so enjoyable. Flair just goes right at Ronnie at the bell and it plays into the hands of the faces as they just wail on the Horsemen who can't hold the faces down for more than 10 seconds at a time. The closest the Horsemen get is when Arn gets a body scissors on Garvin but Ronnie turns it into a mount and a punch to the mouth immediately. I felt satisfied after this 8 minute match as showing us that Ronnie and Dusty can take the Horsemen in a fight. The Horsemen would need to try something else to get ahead.


As this is a slightly random selection, I don't think this really showed us what the Flair/Arn team could really do as they (if I recall correctly) did their best work against mid card babyfaces where they could dictate the pace and work heat segments and stooging hope spots.




Belts all over the place, as Dusty and Arn have different versions of the TV Titles and Ric is World Champion at this point.

Flair goes right at Garvin and that's a mistake

Pinballs Flair and Flair rolls out and the crowd is WILD

Garvin tags Dusty

hammerlock stuff gets Dusty in the corner and double flip flop and fly

Dusty pinballs Flair some more until he tags Arn

Arn slows things down

Dusty tags Garvin and he sleepers Arn who backs Ronnie in to the corner and they double up

Ric in, chops but reversaled from Irish and and Ronnie chops

Dusty elbow from apron and posts Ric's leg, Crockett sells this as tit for tat from the Horseman breaking his leg

Ric whips Ronnie into Arn on the apron

Arn with a bodyscissors

Ronnie turns into a mount and punches Arn in the teeth, makes the tag

Dusty and Flair do stuff for a minute Dusty gets figure four

Arn saves but Ronnie grabs Flair and HANDS O STONE and Dusty egts the pin





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My selections are guys that actually were tag teams at some point rather than "guys who teamed up every now and then". Though Ric and Arn have some nice stuff together as a team in 96 that's some of Ric's last really good stuff IMO.

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