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[1987-08-22-WWF-MSG, NY] Tito Santana vs Ron Bass

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Tito Santana vs "Outlaw" Ron Bass - WWF MSG 8/22/87


The first ten minutes of this is just a fantastic shitkicking by Tito Santana. If you want to see Tito in his element watch the beginning of this match and you will understand Tito works his matches. At the previous MSG show, Bass pulled a Bray Wyatt and randomly attacked Tito with his whip named Betsy. This is why Tito is so pissed off. This is one of the best shines I have ever seen. Tito just hammers right away as soon as he gets in the ring. Bass cant even get his jacket off. Bass ends up on the outside so Tito picks up a chair and smashes into his head. ARRIBA! There is an awesome standoff with Bass grabbing his whip and Tito picking up a chair. The crowd is loving all this and I am eating it right up.

This is my first Ron Bass match and while he looks like a Stan Hansen ripoff he does not wrestle like a Stan Hansen ripoff, which is unfortunate because Stan Hansen vs Tito Santana sounds FUCKING AWESOME! Bass coming from the Florida/Mid-Atlantic territorities has a lot of Flair in him. Begging off and the press slam off the top. He is a very plain wrestler. He is perfectly adequate at everything, but does not bring anything unique to the table. His transition is to yank Tito by the tights who tumbles out to the floor. He uses objects outside well to punish Tito. I loved the crotching on the railing have not seen that in WWF before looked painful. Pretty standard heel offense at the time and worked a couple restholds. Tito had some nice hope spots. The big finish run saw Tito kick some ass before Bass kicked off a figure-4 attempt. Santana did nail a picture perfect Flying Burrito as the time limit expired. Santana wants five more minutes, but that pussy Bass will have none of it.

Great Santana performance that made for an ultra heated match. A great WWF draw leave it to Tito to do seemingly the impossible. ****

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I totally agree. I fully expected it to go the other way, with Bass dominating the majority of the match with a hot comeback from Tito, but nope! Santana really lets him have it. I thought this was a super unique and awesome match. Highly recommended for Tito Santana fans. I also enjoyed the commentary. I like how they made up for not-so-good piledriver from Bass by saying he didn't get all of it because he was close the ropes and the selling of the fatigued Flying Burrito that "hit the jaw instead of the temple." ****

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