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[1985-10-19-CWA-TV] Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee (Title vs Hair)

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AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee - Memphis TV 10/19/85 Title vs Hair


This is right up there with Flair/Lawler and Lawler/Mantell as awesome Memphis TV angles. I highly recommend this as a gripping episode arc. Bill Dundee has recently returned and he is back in the fold as Lawler's partner, but he is out there making contentious claims that the Lawler/Dundee team is the greatest team in the world better than the Road Warriors, better than Freebirds and even better than the Fabulous Ones. Nows that's fighting words. The Fabs have no problem putting their belts up against Lawler/Dundee. Dundee being the instigator runs out all keyed up and is hollering for Lawler to come out and accept the match. Lawler is not as keen on fighting his friends. Dundee is ripshit and throws a wicked temper tantrum hauling off and hitting all of them. Dundee has goldlust bad baby! He comes back out and is willing to put his brand new sports car up against Lawler's title. Lawler does not think his car is worth 25 cents. Dundee agrees to put up his hair and Lawler likes the idea of humiliating Dundee and agrees to for a Title vs Hair match right here on TV.


They have a really fun six minute sprint filled with great punches. Dundee starts off red hot as he has been all revved up this episode. Lawler takes his licks, but starts to fire back with his own punches. Lawler teased piledriver, but Dundee back dropped out of it. Dundee is more cowardly and heelish in this match. I liked the buildup in this one a lot more than in '83. There feels like there is more hate and that Dundee is a real little shit in this. They did the bulldog/put him on the top rope sequence that is fun. STRAP DOWN~! Lawler takes him up for a back suplex, but Dundee punches Lawler with a chain.

Back from commerical, Dundee reveals his diabolical plan. You see the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is coming to Mempho on November 18th and guess who he is facing the Southern Heavyweight Champion and thats Dundee!!! It gets even better. Lawler wants a rematch. Dundee says he does not have to defend his belt for one month and one month from now is November 19th. So he is guaranteed the World Title match and once he is the World Champ, Lawler can have the Southern Title back. That's awesome. Lawler reckons in order to get his rematch he needs to make Dundee mad so he threatens to destroy his car. Finally Dundee gives way. Holy shit awesome angle. The match is a fun TV match, but watch this angle! I cant wait for Loser Leaves Town Part II!

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